Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1840

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1840 – Is This Normal When Lucian arrived at the hospital, Sonya was still in the emergency room.

His arrival even startled the hospital director, who rushed over to check on Sonya and reassured them that she would be fine.

“Mr. Farwell, your mother has regained consciousness, and all her vital signs are normal. She only suffered a mild concussion from the impact to her head, but as long as she stays in the hospital for observation, she should be fine!”

Lucian nodded and thanked the doctor before immediately going in to check on Soya.

Sonya’s expression was still a bit dazed, but when she saw her son, she immediately smiled. “Lucian, I got into a car accident, but thankfully I’m okay.

Don’t worry; I’m fine!” Seeing the concern in her son’s eyes, Sonya felt unexpectedly happy, as it had been a long time since she had felt her son’s care.

Lucian approached her and asked if there were any parts of her body that were hurting. Sonya shook her head. “I’m really fine.

My head just got hit by the airbag. Fortunately, I wasn’t driving too fast, but it’s a shame about the spilled soup…”

“You’re involved in an accident, and yet, you’re still worrying about soup? Why are you so careless?” Elias pushed open the door and walked briskly to his wife, grabbing her hand and checking her anxiously.

He was worried that something might have been missed during the examination. Seeing her husband’s nervous appearance, Sonya felt even happier and said with a smile, “I’m really fine.

I wasn’t paying attention, so I got into an accident. Oh, and I’m sorry about Roxanne’s car!” Lucian immediately said, “Mom, the car isn’t important!

We can just buy another one. But what about you? Did you not rest well, and is that why you lost concentration?”

“No, I don’t think so! But I felt like the brakes were acting up. Fortunately, I was the one driving. If it had been Roxanne and if she was driving fast, it could have been worse!”

Sonya’s offhanded remark caused both Elias and Lucian to freeze and their expressions to turn serious. “Mom, are you saying that the brakes failed?

That was Roxanne’s car!” Lucian’s heart skipped a beat, and he felt that this accident was not as simple as it seemed.

Elias’ gaze confirmed Lucian’s suspicions. “Lucian, go to the traffic department and find out what happened. I’ll stay here with your mother.”

Elias nodded slightly, gesturing for his son to leave. “Okay, then stay with Mom. Let me know if anything happens. I’ll go to the traffic department!”

Lucian turned and left in a hurry. This made Sonya roll her eyes at her husband. “Our son finally showed concern for me, and you made him leave in such a hurry. Why are you in such a rush?”

“You’re too carefree! A sudden brake failure isn’t normal at all. Plus, Roxanne was still using that car yesterday! How could it just coincidentally fail today?”

Elias revealed the seriousness of the situation. Sonya thought about it, and her eyes widened in shock.

“Are you saying that someone wants to harm Roxanne? Coincidentally, I borrowed her car, and because I usually drive so slowly, the accident wasn’t serious.”

Elias frowned and looked at her. It was Sonya who had initially reminded them of this possibility. “Didn’t you mention it yourself earlier?

Did you not think of this?” “I was just joking at first. How could I have thought of such a sinister plot? Who could it be?

And how did they have the opportunity to tamper with the car?” Sonya’s questions were what confused Elias as well.

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