Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1839

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1839 – An Accident Roxanne had two bowls of soup but found it difficult to finish the second.

Despite that, she eventually managed to drink it all. When Sonya came down after tidying up the study, she was delighted to see that Roxanne had finished all the soup.

“Mrs. Farwell, your soup is really well-made and delicious.” Roxanne praised the soup once again, causing Sonya to feel a little shy.

Suddenly, Roxanne’s lower abdomen started to ache again, so she decided to go upstairs and lie down. “If you like it, I can make some more later.

You can have it for lunch or dinner,” Sonya offered. Hearing that Sonya wanted to make more, Roxanne didn’t want to refuse Sonya’s kind offer, so she quickly changed the subject.

“Mrs. Farwell, this soup is so good. Why don’t you send some over to Lucian? He’s been working hard lately and hasn’t had a chance to get proper nutrition.”

Sonya thought it was a good idea and decided to make some more soup while Roxanne rested in her room.

Over an hour later, Roxanne was dozing off when Sonya suddenly knocked on her door. “Roxanne, Roxanne…”

she whispered softly, not wanting to disturb her. “Mrs. Farwell, what’s the matter?” Roxanne asked.

“Well, my car suddenly broke down, and I don’t know what’s wrong with it. I’ve called the body shop to come and take a look.

But the soup is ready, and I thought I could bring it over to Lucian while it’s still hot. Lucian’s cars in the garage are either too uncomfortable or too big for me to drive.

So, I was wondering if I could borrow your car for a bit?” Roxanne thought it was a small matter and that the car keys were already hanging in the hallway, so there was no need for Sonya to ask her for them.

However, she still politely replied, “Sure, no problem. The keys are hanging in the hallway. Mrs. Farwell, please drive safely.”

Sonya nodded and left the room. Arriving downstairs, she picked up the keys and turned to leave.

The butler suggested that a driver could drive Sonya there, but she refused. “I want to do it myself. It’s meaningful only if I personally deliver it.

If you do everything for me, what use am I as a mother?” The butler couldn’t argue with her and just reminded her to drive slowly.

Half an hour later… “Attention, breaking news for all drivers on the road! We have received reports of a major traffic jam on the second ring road caused by a serious car accident.

A vehicle collided with the guardrail, blocking two lanes and bringing traffic to a standstill. The police and hospital emergency teams were dispatched to the location.

As a result of the impact, all airbags were released, and a female driver is currently unconscious. However, brave and kind-hearted Good Samaritans are lending their assistance at the scene…”

When Lucian received the call from the hospital informing him that his mother had been in a car accident, he froze for two seconds before urgently asking, “Is she okay? I’m Lucian Farwell from Farwell Group.

Please treat my mother as soon as possible! I’m on my way!” He suppressed his impatience and anxiously waited for a response from the other end of the phone.

“She’s okay. She’s just unconscious due to head trauma. All vital signs are normal, and there are no other injuries or fractures.

Please rest assured, Mr. Farwell. We will do our best to save her!” When the doctor on the other end of the line heard Lucian’s name, he suddenly became more serious and made a promise to do his best.

Lucian finally felt slightly relieved when he heard the news that his mother was okay. He immediately had Cayden prepare the car to go to the hospital.

Taking the private elevator down, Lucian quickly informed his father of the situation.

When Elias heard that his wife was involved in a car accident, he panicked. Lucian hurriedly told him what the doctor said.

“Lucian, I’m on my way to the hospital. You’re nearer to the hospital, so please hurry over as well. How could this happen?

Just before your mother left, she was still showing off to me about making soup for you. How could this happen?”

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