Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1838

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1838 – Not Used To It Early in the morning, Sonya arrived at the mansion.

She busied herself with helping the children wash up, chatting with them, and finally, having breakfast with them.

She wouldn’t let the servants help and insisted on doing everything herself. Her burn from the previous night had completely healed when she woke up this morning, which made her admire her daughter-in-law’s medical skills.

Lucian didn’t object to his mother’s actions and even let her take the children to school. When Roxanne woke up, she felt menstrual cramps and stayed in bed for a while.

When Sonya returned after taking the children to school, she found that Roxanne had just gotten up, and Roxanne’s face didn’t look good.

Sonya immediately realized what was going on. “Roxanne, since you’re in pain like this, why don’t you take the day off and rest?

I’ll make you a nourishing soup downstairs!” Sonya said, and before Roxanne could react, she went downstairs to the kitchen.

Shortly after, Lucian also called and asked if Roxanne was in a lot of pain. He suggested she take some painkillers to relieve it.

“I’m a doctor myself, so I know what to do about it. You can focus on work, and I’ll take the day off. It’s just that Mrs. Farwell made soup last night, and now, she wants to make soup for me again. I’m afraid she’ll get burned again!”

Lucian said with a faint smile, “Roxanne, just give her an opportunity to do it. This is her karma!” “Don’t speak ill of your own mother like that.

Anyway, I know what to do, and I’ll take care of myself. Once my period is over, let’s take our wedding photos,” Roxanne replied.

She still couldn’t bring herself to call Sonya “Mom,” but Lucian didn’t say anything about it. After showering and getting ready, Roxanne felt the pain had eased a bit, so she slowly went downstairs.

Sonya came out of the kitchen, smiling. “It’s almost done. This soup is something I’ve been drinking since I was young, and it’s very effective for cramps.

It’ll nourish your body!” Roxanne nodded and sat down while asking about the burn from the previous night.

Sonya showed her hand and praised Roxanne’s medical skills. She mentioned that many ladies were also interested in the burn medicine.

“Why isn’t this medicine on the market? It will be a bestseller if it’s produced commercially!” Sonya asked curiously.

Roxanne patiently explained, “The medicinal ingredients for this medicine are very rare, and the production process cannot be commercialized, so it’s not suitable for mass production.

I only made a small batch to treat the children if they got burned. But from now on, I will stock up more for the family!”

“I see! It’s true that good medicine is hard to make. Stay seated for a while, and the soup will be ready soon.

Don’t worry. It’s not very greasy, and it’s very suitable to have as breakfast,” Sonya said and returned to the kitchen.

After a while, she brought the soup out, served a small bowl, and let it cool down. After finishing, Roxanne and Sonya sat alone together, feeling awkward. Sonya asked, “Do you need anything else?

I can go and buy it for you!” Roxanne shook her head and said, “No, thank you, Mrs. Farwell. This soup is really delicious!”

Roxanne began to drink the soup, which had a unique and fragrant aroma. She also praised Sonya’s cooking skills.

Sonya was rather embarrassed and eventually said she would help Lucian tidy up his study. When Roxanne saw her go upstairs, she finally relaxed a little.

After all, Sonya was an elder who used to give off an intimidating aura. But now, she was polite and gentle, which made Roxanne feel a different kind of discomfort.

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