Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1834

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1834 – I Am Terrible At This Returning to the villa in the evening,

Roxanne once again emphasized to Archie and Benny the importance of being discerning and cautious when helping others online to avoid being taken advantage of by unscrupulous individuals, such as being hired to hack websites or actively soliciting money while offering assistance.

“Essie may not understand, but you two must. You have to help her watch out! Don’t let your kindness turn into doing bad things,” Roxanne emphasized.

The two nodded and promised to be vigilant. Estella remained immersed in her joy, a simple emotion that came from helping others and feeling truly happy.

One girl even gave her a beautiful hair clip, which she cherished. Soon, Elias and Sonya arrived in a car.

Elias came to teach Archie and Benny how to play chess, which was not their first time. In just a while, the two children and Elias were immersed in the game, finding it challenging as they battled against each other.

Meanwhile, Sonya came over to cook and make soup for the children. Lucian didn’t say anything and went upstairs to work on his tasks in the study.

Roxanne had been working to help Jonathan prepare his medication, but after finishing, she went downstairs to check on the situation.

Suddenly, she heard a cry from the kitchen and rushed over. There, she saw Sonya with a painful expression on her face.

Sonya’s right palm was red and blistered as she soaked it in a basin of water. She rarely cooked and wasn’t used to handling hot items.

After finishing cooking the soup, she spilled some on her hand without noticing it had bubbled over.

It was so painful that tears almost flowed from her eyes, but she held back and made no sound. “Mrs. Farwell, you got burned?

No, you can’t just soak it in water like that! Hurry up!” Roxanne immediately grabbed Sonya’s hand, removed it from the basin, turned on the tap, and held it under running water.

“The first step for a burn is to run cold water on it for fifteen minutes. Just soaking it in water is not enough. Blisters may form soon!”

Roxanne spoke with a professional medical tone, while Sonya felt awkward at being held like that. Looking at Roxanne, Sonya said apologetically, “I’m really terrible at even this simple task.

I’m sorry, Roxanne.” “It’s okay, Mrs. Farwell. Cooking soup is something that can be left to the cook. You don’t have to do it yourself.”

Roxanne knew that she was making up for what she owed Archie and Benny over the past six years. “I just wanted Archie and Benny to taste my soup.

I didn’t expect myself to be so clumsy!” Sonya’s initial awkwardness disappeared as she talked to Roxanne while her hand was being held.

Staring at Roxanne, she began to feel different and strange feelings in her heart. “Okay, I understand. Keep rinsing your hand, and I’ll go upstairs to get some ointment.

We’ll have to apply it later. Fortunately, the burn isn’t too severe,” Roxanne instructed, rushing upstairs. Elias heard their conversation and went over to check on his wife.

“Why are you so careless?” he scolded her, but his brows furrowed with worry, and his eyes were filled with anxiety.

The children also heard the commotion and asked about Sonya’s condition, expressing their concern. “Grandma, are you okay?

We won’t drink soup next time, so you won’t get burned,” one of the children said. “Grandma, does it hurt a lot? You can ask us for help or ask Daddy and Mommy to help you.

Mommy said we have to be careful in the kitchen to avoid burns,” another child said. While Sonya listened to the children’s concerned words, her furrowed brows slowly relaxed.

She shook her head and reassured them, “I’m fine, don’t worry. Your mommy will help me apply some medicine later, and I’ll be okay soon.”

At that moment, she felt a sense of peace and warmth in her heart. She looked at her husband with a faint smile on her lips.

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