Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1833

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1833 – Full Of Love Over the weekend, Roxanne and Lucian took the three children to the orphanage.

The children didn’t reveal how much money they had raised for donation, and although Roxanne and Lucian were curious, they waited for the children to disclose it themselves.

They first went to the supermarket and bought a lot of toys, snacks, and books. Then, they arranged for a medium-sized truck to deliver them directly from the supermarket to the orphanage.

Madilyn and Jonathan were already waiting for them when they arrived at the orphanage. Madilyn wore a beautiful dress, while Jonathan dressed casually for once.

The two of them had immediately made plans for the orphanage. Madilyn had already arranged for a medical team to come and give the children at the orphanage medical checkups.

Meanwhile, Jonathan had contacted several sponsors overnight and secured free furniture and daily necessities for the children.

The two of them had already talked to the orphanage director and were just waiting for Lucian’s family to arrive.

Upon arrival, the group was warmly welcomed, and with the help of the orphanage director, the three children quickly mingled with the other kids and started talking with them.

It was clear that the staff at this orphanage had provided the children with good psychological care, as all of them were vibrant and full of energy.

The entire process went very smoothly. The three children donated over one hundred thirty thousand, which surprised both Roxanne and Lucian since they never gave the kids pocket money before, as they didn’t lack anything.

Roxanne was a bit worried and looked at Archie and Benny, asking, “How did you save up so much money?”

She was afraid that Archie and Benny had used their powerful hacking skills to make money illegally, but Estella piped up with an explanation.

“It’s not them. I was the one who earned most of the money by learning from Archie and Benny how to fix website vulnerabilities for clients.

The clients paid me for my help and gave me a lot of money!” Archie and Benny nodded. Of course, they also contributed by creating online courses and earning money through their website in a legal manner.

“Essie earned much more than us this time. But Benny and I will donate more in the future!”

The orphanage director smiled at the three of them and thanked them for their generosity.

“Thank you. I’ll make sure to tell the other children about what you’ve done so that they can also learn to help others in the future when they have the ability to.” Meanwhile, Madilyn and Jonathan were busy with their tasks.

Madilyn was conducting health checkups on dozens of children with her team, which took some time to complete, while Jonathan was working with sponsors to improve the living conditions for the children, including replacing old beds and equipment with new ones.

In the afternoon, the orphanage director and staff prepared a meal to thank Roxanne and her family for their visit.

Before leaving, Roxanne, Lucian, and their children bid farewell to everyone, promising to come back and visit again. We’ll come back again, everyone!”

The director personally escorted them to the front door, expressing his sincere gratitude once again.

This made Lucian feel a bit embarrassed, so he promised again that they would make further donations in the future.

Jonathan and Madilyn were still busy with their respective tasks, so Roxanne and Lucian didn’t disturb them and let them continue their work.

After Lucian and his family left, Madilyn finally finished compiling the health check results and handed them over to the orphanage director.

Some children needed further medical attention, which would require specialized equipment at a hospital.

Jonathan also completed his task of improving the living conditions of the children. He felt a sense of relief and accomplishment as he looked at the result of his efforts.

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