Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1835

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1835 – Who Is Your Employer Following Roxanne’s instructions, Sonya rinsed her hand under cold water for fifteen minutes and felt the burning pain disappear instantly.

Roxanne then applied her homemade burn ointment, which felt like a moisturizer, carefully on Sonya’s hand and adjusted the cold air from the hairdryer to slowly dry the ointment.

Sonya felt a refreshing coolness on the back of her hand, which was quite comfortable. Gradually, the redness caused by the burn started to dissipate, and Sonya realized the extent of Roxanne’s medical expertise.

With such a burn ointment, it could likely become a hot-selling product in the market. “I’ll serve the soup to the kids, Mrs. Farwell.

You just sit tight,” Roxanne said as she went into the kitchen. She tasted the soup and found it delicious before scooping it into bowls and serving them one by one.

Archie took the initiative to bring Sonya a bowl of soup and said, “Grandma, this is the soup you worked hard to make. You should be the first to taste

Sonya wanted to decline, but Elias smiled and said, “It’s rare that you cook soup. In fact, this is probably the first time in your life.

You should taste your own craft!” Roxanne immediately handed Elias a bowl of soup.

The children were next, and even Lucian was called over to drink soup with the family. By nine o’clock that night, the children had to prepare for their baths and bedtime, and Sonya was reluctant to say goodbye to the three little ones.

On the way home, Elias praised his wife without hesitation and encouraged her to continue on. He believed that Roxanne would forgive her someday.

“I know, but that’s because Roxanne is kind enough. I shouldn’t be thinking about seeking forgiveness all the time.

I should be thinking about how to be a good grandmother and mother-in-law. Maybe I realized it too late, or maybe the realization came too suddenly.”

Sonya sighed. She realized that when she was a daughter-in-law in the Farwell family, her husband had protected her, and she had not suffered much.

Elias didn’t say much after that, but he believed that his wife would change for the better. Amidst the deafening beats of the DJ and the gyrating crowd, Elektra felt uneasy in the noisy bar.

She had always been associated with serenity and kindness from her early years to now. However, she found herself in this raucous scene, sipping on red wine, glass after glass, that had a tangy and slightly bitter taste.

Although the bar’s wine was subpar, it was strong enough to cloud her senses. If she persevered till the last drop, she could escape from her worries.

When it came to facing Roxanne, Elektra was aware that she stood no chance. Her heart was young and full of passion, but everything seemed futile.

Suddenly, a dapper and somewhat attractive man who was wearing trendy clothes noticed her and went over.

It was a common sight to see men prowling around solitary women in the bar. As he took a seat across from her, Elektra grew agitated and coldly snapped, “Excuse me, I didn’t invite you to sit here.

Could you please leave me alone?” Had it been anyone else, they would have taken note of Elektra’s extravagant attire and the keys to her sportscar resting on the table, and they would have probably stayed away.

After all, these gave the impression that she was a well-to-do young woman from a wealthy and prestigious family.

However, this particular man simply gave her a faint smile and was unfazed by Elektra’s irritable demeanor. “Excuse me, you’re Ms. Lane, right?

My employer wishes to have a conversation with you regarding an important matter. Would you be willing to meet with my employer?”

“Get lost! I don’t care who you are. I’m not in the mood right now.” Elektra ignored the young man and dismissed him altogether.

She was in a bad mood and didn’t want to meet anyone. “I think you would want to meet her. After all, she knows about your troubles and wants to help you.

You must hate Roxanne Jarvis a lot, right?” the young man teased. His employer had said that if he mentioned Roxanne, Elektra would agree to meet.

Sure enough, Elektra lifted her gaze and asked, “What’s your employer’s name?”

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