Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1832

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1832 – Madilyn prescribed some medication and instructed Jonathan on how to take it, then finally advised him to
relax and trust the treatment.

She also suggested that he should have a follow-up examination in a month if he was not afraid of a gastroscopy.

Jonathan was indeed a little traumatized, so Madilyn smiled sheepishly and promised that she would find him another doctor next time.

After he left, Madilyn informed Roxanne of his condition. “His medication caused this? What kind of medication did he take that could cause such serious damage to his stomach?”

Roxanne asked out of professional habit, but Madilyn had promised to keep the secret and brushed it off.

“It’s a type of sleep aid, and I don’t know where he got it from, but I told him to stop taking it now. Please prepare some stomach-tonifying herbs for him.” Hearing that, Roxanne agreed.

After a long day of work, when Roxanne returned to the villa, the three little ones gathered around her. “Mommy, you must be tired.

Have some water.” “Daddy said you always have to stand during experiments, so let me massage your legs!” “Mommy, let me do it too!

I’ll massage your shoulders!” Roxanne had a hunch that they wanted something in return for their attentiveness. “What do you want?

Some toys or a trip somewhere?” She glanced at Archie, Benny, and Estella in turn and noticed that their eyes were indeed sparkling with anticipation.

“We don’t want a trip or any toys. We want to go to the orphanage and donate some money we’ve saved up. Can we?”

Estella’s face was filled with hope. Roxanne was taken aback by their initiative but immediately agreed. “That’s a great idea. Why would I say no?

I’ll take you there tomorrow.” At that, the three children were elated. When Lucian returned home, Roxanne told him about the children’s request at dinner. Lucian smiled and praised the children.

Coincidentally, it was the weekend the next day, so the family decided to go tomorrow.

Later during dinner, Lucian was surprised to hear from Roxanne about Jonathan’s severe stomach problems but was reassured when he learned that Madilyn and Roxanne were taking care of him themselves.

“Why don’t we invite him tomorrow too? He’s a workaholic who only knows how to work. It’ll be good for him to participate in some other activities.”

“Sure. In that case, let’s invite Madilyn too. She has the day off tomorrow anyway. It’ll give her a chance to interact with Jonathan more.”

Roxanne was halfway through her dinner but immediately called Madilyn about it. Madilyn was originally thinking of complaining after hearing the request, as she had plenty of work as a hospital director and was actually working from home on her day off.

However, when she heard that Jonathan was also going, her heart stirred with interest, and she immediately agreed.

“Haha, as soon as you hear that Jonathan is coming, you agree. You’re terrible at hiding your feelings!” Roxanne teased.

However, Madilyn had different thoughts in her mind. Going to the orphanage and helping those children might give Jonathan some healing power against his depression.

She didn’t explain this, though. “Yes, yes, I’m all in for Jonathan now. You can make fun of me all you want. It’s not like you’re any different.

You had been waiting for Lucian for so many years.” After chatting for a few more minutes, they hung up. Then, out of the blue, Lucian asked about the wedding photo shoot.

“It’s up to you. Whenever you want to do it, we’ll do it. I’ve waited for so many years, so a few more won’t matter!”

Roxanne’s words made Lucian feel slightly nervous again, as they still carried a hint of resentment.

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