Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1831

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1831 – Caused By Medication Madilyn patiently explained to Jonathan the pathology, underlying causes, and potential future developments, as well as all the medical jargon in the examination report.

Finally, she glanced at him and thought that being a layman, he probably couldn’t understand it all.

“I see, so it’s the medication I’m taking that’s the problem, right? If it continues, it will inevitably develop into stomach cancer!

To cure it, I have to stop taking the medication and take good care of myself for three or four months. Is that right?”

Jonathan summarized, making Madilyn’s job easier. He understood completely! “You’ve been taking medication for a long time?

What kind of medication is it?” Madilyn asked, seizing the key point. She couldn’t help but be curious since he looked perfectly healthy.

Jonathan hesitated for a moment, but Madilyn raised her voice and adopted a serious expression. “In front of your doctor, it’s best not to conceal anything. You must understand that this concerns your life!”

However, Jonathan still didn’t speak and had a distant look in his eyes. Madilyn became even more anxious, but when she saw the sudden melancholy in his eyes, she had to suppress her impatience and wait patiently.

“I actually have a very severe case of depression!” Jonathan suddenly smiled, but his smile was tinged with bitter self-mockery.

Madilyn was stunned. She had considered some other hidden disease but hadn’t expected it to be depression.

However, no matter how she looked at him, he didn’t seem like a depressed person. Jonathan always gave her the impression of being a serious, reliable, and mature individual no matter when or where he was. How could he have depression?

Madilyn didn’t really think it was absurd, but she just couldn’t believe it. As a doctor, she understood the pain of depression better than anyone else.

She was taken aback for several seconds, but Jonathan then turned around and smiled, saying, “It’s hard to believe, right?

Even my family doesn’t know about this condition! Of course, now that I’ve told you, I hope you can keep it a secret!”

In the world of a patient with depression, everything was gray, desperate, and devoid of interest. How could that sort of life be connected to someone like Jonathan?

He had led the Queen family to new heights and had always been riding the waves in the business world alongside Lucian.

He always gave others the impression of being a sincere and earnest man! Madilyn nodded heavily, promising to keep his secret.

Fortunately, Jonathan’s next sentence gave her some comfort. “Luckily, I don’t know if it’s the effect of the medication or my own mental adjustment, but many of my negative thoughts have disappeared recently.

When I saw Lucian and his wife gradually getting together, I felt encouraged. Slowly, I’m feeling that my moods are becoming lighter.”

Jonathan looked at Madilyn seriously and suddenly asked, “Do you believe me?” “Of course! I absolutely believe you!” Madilyn replied hurriedly.

She quickly looked away, afraid of causing Jonathan any misunderstanding. At this moment, her feelings were complicated.

The melancholy in his eyes made her feel like hugging him. “Well, now that we’ve found the problem, it’s probably the medication you’re taking is too stimulating to your stomach.

So, if it’s not necessary, don’t take the medication anymore. Is that okay?” Madilyn brought the topic back to the stomach problem, and then she realized that Jonathan was facing possibly two thorny issues—depression and stomach cancer.

“Yes, I understand now. I will stop taking the medication. What kind of treatment plan do we have going forward?” Jonathan asked.

“I just sent the examination report to Roxanne. I can handle the modern medical treatment part, but she’s better at traditional medicine as well as acupuncture.

Anyway, don’t worry about it. You’ll be fine in no time!” Madilyn promised in a heavy tone.

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