Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1830

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1830 – Is It That Serious Roxanne had just arrived at the research institute and was about to change into her lab coat when Madilyn called her.

“Roxanne, Jonathan has a serious case of gastritis! The situation is a bit complicated, with multiple polyps and some erosion. I was careless earlier and forgot to take some tissue samples for testing!” Madilyn’s tone was full of concern.

“Don’t worry, Madilyn. Send the images to my phone, and I’ll take a look. Besides, you’re worrying too much. It might not be as serious as you think.

I have other ways to treat this as well. What are you afraid of?” As Roxanne spoke, Madilyn quickly hung up the phone and sent over the test images.

Roxanne looked at them for a long time, and Jonathan’s condition was indeed very serious.

She couldn’t help but sigh in her heart. Jonathan was really pushing himself too hard. This might be caused by a combination of irregular eating habits and alcohol drinking.

But fortunately, in Roxanne’s opinion, this was entirely treatable. She would use modern medicine to kill the bacteria and then use her own blend of traditional medicine to restore balance.

As long as Jonathan followed her medical advice strictly, he could probably recover in three months.

So Roxanne replied to Madilyn and asked her to relax and not worry too much. In the office, when Madilyn heard that Jonathan could fully recover, she felt slightly relieved in her heart.

Jonathan, who was still undergoing the medical examination, appeared unaffected and completed all the tests.

Madilyn looked at the other examination results, and everything was normal, including the colonoscopy.

The only problem was only the condition of his stomach that was too severe. She immediately instructed the staff at the medical examination department to ask Jonathan to stay. “Mr. Queen, the director would like to see you.”

Jonathan didn’t realize it at first, but when he saw Madilyn, he remembered.

“Ms. Xander, I forgot that you were promoted to the position of director. But I can tell that you’re doing a great job managing things around here.

I experienced the whole medical examination process today, and it was really impressive.” Jonathan thought it was always a good idea to start with a compliment.

Madilyn’s face didn’t look good, but she still asked him to take a seat. “However, I have a small suggestion.

The doctor in your gastroscopy department seems to be a bit rough. You might want to advise her about it!”

Jonathan couldn’t understand why Madilyn’s face suddenly became serious. Maybe being a director means she has to put on a serious face?

With the intention of providing constructive feedback to improve the hospital’s level of care, he spoke about his slightly unpleasant experience during the medical examination.

Madilyn was taken aback. She never expected him to complain about her! How dare this guy complain about me?

She took out his examination report and asked mildly, “Mr. Queen, may I ask some specific questions? Does your family have a history of gastric disease?

Jonathan shook his head. When he realized that she did not pay any attention to what he said, he wondered if she was the sort of person who did not care about other people’s advice.

“Okay. In your diet, do you eat foods with a high concentration of bacteria, or have you come into contact with some radioactive substances?”

Madilyn continued to inquire while still keeping a stern expression. Jonathan shook his head again as he finally realized that there might be a problem with his gastroscopy results.

So he asked, “Ms. Xander, is there something wrong with my stomach?” “Yes! It’s a serious problem. You really don’t take care of your health, do you?

If you delay any longer, it might develop into stomach cancer. Do you understand?” Madilyn’s tone suddenly scared Jonathan. “I-Is it really that serious?

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