Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1829

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1829 – Seriously Ill In the morning, Roxanne woke up extra early.

She wanted to carry out the operation on the headmaster earlier. Usually, the blood pressure of patients would be lower in the morning.

Coincidentally, the headmaster’s surgery had to be done when the blood pressure was at a lower level. Otherwise, the risk would be higher.

Lucian was still fast asleep and instinctively rolled over to hug Roxanne. She carefully wriggled herself out of his embrace.

After she was done washing up, Roxanne went downstairs and was greeted by the sight of bouquets of flowers and roses on the table.

Then, she glanced at the ring on her ring finger and smiled, finally feeling at peace with her life. After getting married, her life was blissfully uneventful.

Madilyn soon arrived to pick Roxanne up. The two of them were going to work together during the surgery.

Roxanne urged Madilyn to have breakfast. Over breakfast, Madilyn told Roxanne that after having a mansion to herself, she had decided to get a kitchen helper as well.

Hence, she was finally able to eat on time now. After they were done with breakfast, the two of them discussed the patient’s medical condition on their way to the hospital.

It was a rather complicated surgery that lasted from seven until nine-thirty in the morning. Both Madilyn and Roxanne were fully focused on fighting the battle.

In the end, they managed to deliver good news to the headmaster’s daughter after getting out of the operating room.

“Thank you so much, Dr. Jarvis and Dr. Xander! I really don’t know how to thank you both!” The headmaster’s daughter was about to kneel before Roxanne and Madilyn to thank them, but she was stopped by Roxanne in time.

After giving some care advice to the headmaster’s daughter, Roxanne bade goodbye to Madilyn and headed to the research institute.

She bumped right into Jonathan downstairs. “Hi, Roxanne! I’m here for a health checkup,” Jonathan said cheerily.

He was confounded by the hint of a sinister smile in Roxanne’s eyes. At the registration counter, Jonathan was briefed on his health checkup details after he made his payment.

He had selected a rather basic plan, covering a CT scan or ultrasound for his heart, liver, lungs, and kidneys, an electrocardiogram for his heart, and a full blood report.

However, Madilyn had already reminded the reception staff to add some health check parameters for Jonathan beforehand.

“Mr. Queen, based on your current lifestyle of being sedentary and having an irregular diet, we would highly recommend that you include two additional health check parameters, which are gastroscopy and colonoscopy.

These procedures only need to be done once and will ensure your health for years to come,” the receptionist advised.

Jonathan heartily accepted the suggestion. Meanwhile, the corner of Madilyn’s lips curled into a smile as she looked at the list of Jonathan’s health
check tests in front of the computer.

Hah! I’ll do the gastroscopy. As for the colonoscopy… Well, that’s too private. I’ll ask someone else to arrange a procedure that is less painful.

Madilyn then changed into her work attire and wore a white coat, hair cap, and a mask. She was certain nobody would be able to recognize her.

Since Jonathan hadn’t eaten anything, he proceeded with the gastroscopy first. She hurriedly arrived at the gastroscopy room and dismissed the doctor on duty.

Jonathan’s first experience with gastroscopy was excruciating. He vomited many times and threw up a puddle of acidic liquid.

Madilyn asked her assistant to comfort Jonathan when she noticed his discomfort. However, she continued with the gastroscopy, and her expression turned grim.

Madilyn realized that Jonathan actually had serious gastritis. What’s the matter with him? I’ve never heard him mention this.

Madilyn’s face turned impassive. After she was done with the checkup, she no longer felt the urge to tease Jonathan.

Instead, she hurriedly checked out the gastroscopy scans. Why does he have such serious gastritis? If his condition continues to worsen, it could become stomach cancer.

What’s the matter with him? Why didn’t he take good care of himself? Then, she immediately asked the gastroenterologist to take a closer look at Jonathan.

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