Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1826

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1826 – “Roxanne Jarvis, Ms. Jarvis, will you please marry me again? I’ve failed you all these years.

I was the reason you didn’t experience a loving romance and the bliss of marriage. You were forced to grow up and become the mature individual I wasn’t expecting you to be.

For the children, you’ve gone through enough pain. For me, you’ve waited for so many years. I’m at fault for being so slow to realize these all.

Maybe there’ll be this wall in your heart forever. You might be wondering if I’ve chosen to be with you for the children’s sake, but I’m going to tell you that’s not the case.

There are so many brilliant points about you that I’m attracted to. You’re the most suitable partner I’ve ever met. I love you, Roxanne Jarvis.

So, please marry me again.” Lucian’s heartfelt confession, solemn expression, and sincere gaze melted Roxanne’s heart.

She couldn’t help but tremble at that moment. Tears flowed out of her eyes uncontrollably.

She thought she would be returning to Lucian’s side without an announcement of any sort. Even though there was a hole of regret in her heart, she told herself to ignore it and just enjoy the love Lucian was going to shower her with.

She told herself that was enough. But the countless nights she spent lying on the man’s arm, staring at his sleeping face, made her yearn for more—for a formal ceremony.

She did not want to live through her days in a daze anymore. She now had what she had longed for right in front of her.

Even though it was a little plain, and even though there was no one around to witness the scene, it was enough for her.

With a smile on her face, she inclined her head and stretched out her arm, lifting her ring finger slightly. Lucian returned the smile.

Roxanne could almost see a younger version of him with a new toy, beaming in the same way as he was at that moment.

At the same time, she could also almost see the delight of a teenage version of Lucian after having solved a difficult mathematical question.

For a split second, she could also imagine that smile on an adult Lucian’s face as he managed a corporate empire.

Lucian slid the ring into Roxanne’s ring finger before placing a kiss on it. “Stand up quickly. Your reputation will be ruined if someone sees you like this.

” A sweet smile grew on Roxanne’s lips as she looked at the ring on her finger. Lucian slowly rose to his feet before wrapping his arms around her.

Simultaneously, he lowered his head to press a long kiss on her forehead. Right then, the lights in the living room went out.

Thinking that it was a power outage, Roxanne scanned her surroundings before turning back to Lucian, about to ask him why the backup generator was not kicking in.

However, in the next second, the ceiling of the living room turned into a sea of stars. Then, multiple figures appeared.

“Congratulations, Roxanne! You’ve finally married Mr. Farwell!” The first person to appear was Madilyn, who passed a bouquet of fresh roses to Lucian.

Lucian then handed the bouquet to Roxanne. Right after that, Madilyn hugged her good friend tightly.

Madilyn’s tears were rolling down her face, and she whispered to Roxanne, “I’m finally seeing you happy!”

The tears Roxanne had finally managed to stop flowed again. Then, popping sounds echoed in the room, and confetti flew everywhere.

As it turned out, the children had not slept. They were all smiling at their parents as they ran over to them. “Daddy, Mommy’s finally saying yes to you!”

“Mommy, are you happy?” “Mommy, we lied to you. We weren’t sleeping yet. Daddy asked us to prepare this, so don’t be mad at us.”

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