Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1827

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1827 – Scandalous Scoundrels How could Roxanne possibly be mad at them?

She hunched over and cheerfully gave kisses to the children. Right then, Sonya and Elias walked over.

The two of them were dressed rather formally. Elias was in a suit, and Sonya was in a gown. “Roxanne, this is what the Farwell family owes you.

Lucian should be proposing to you, and we must do all the proper procedures. We’re delighted that you’re saying yes to Lucian.”

Elias was beaming. We can’t wrong a wonderful daughter-in-law like her anymore.

There was a tinge of awkwardness in Sonya’s expression, but she still walked over to Roxanne and cast an apologetic look.

“Roxanne, I’m sorry for what happened in the past. I’ve made a terrible mistake. I hope you’ll forgive me for those transgressions and give me a chance to compensate for them.

I’m truly happy right now. It’s my pleasure for you to marry Lucian.” Roxanne was so caught up in the moment of bliss she could not find it in herself to be angry at Sonya.

Meanwhile, Lucian nodded at his father’s request. “There’s no way we’re skipping the wedding photos, wedding, and honeymoon.”

Madilyn promptly intervened and chastised, “Of course. The Farwell family have plenty of money, so you have to give Roxanne the best, got it?”

Lucian nodded obediently. The sudden proposal made Roxanne feel secure. he activities that night made Roxanne fall into a deep sleep afterward.

In her dream, she was pregnant again. She could not see the appearance of the fourth baby clearly, but the child-like voice was saying, “Mommy, Mommy, hurry up! I want to play with my siblings!”

Unlike Roxanne, Frieda was having a horrible night. After packing her luggage to head to Shawn’s mansion, she started waiting for Shawn.

However, no matter how long she waited for him, he never showed up. The falling out with her brother and the conflict with her parents was driving her to a mental breakdown.

So, she ran to a bar and got herself drunk while waiting for Shawn to call her. Alas, her phone never rang. Not even her parents bothered calling her.

All she could think of was how ruthless her brother was. Stumbling out of the taxi, Frieda belatedly realized she had nowhere to go.

Hence, she could only hail a cab to return to Shawn’s mansion. Yet, before she could enter the house, she saw Shawn’s car driving over.

But there was another person in the front passenger seat. Even though her vision was blurry from the alcohol, she could make out that the passenger was a young woman with an impressive figure.

The last thread of sanity in her mind broke, and she fixed her gaze on the other woman. The weather was cold, and Shawn took off his jacket to drape it on the other woman’s shoulder the second they came out of the car.

The smile on his face and the loving gaze in his eyes drove Frieda mad.Frieda could not stand it anymore.

This was the man she had been waiting forever and a day for. She could forgive Shawn for going after Aubree. She could pretend that he did it to take revenge on Lucian.

But now, Frieda realized she was the dumbest woman in the world. She had willingly become his puppet, she had willingly sacrificed herself, and she had voluntarily cut ties with her family for his plan.

Then, Frieda hastily walked over to them. The alcoholic haze was gone, giving way to anger. Before Shawn could register her presence, Frieda slapped the other woman hard.

In the next instance, she glared at Shawn viciously and bellowed, “How could you do this to me, Shawn? You ingrate!”

Tears cascaded uncontrollably down her face, for the world was crumbling down around her. Raising her hand, she wanted to slap the man as well.

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