Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1825

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1825 – Not Enough A while later, Jonathan reached the Farwell residence.

Jonathan had come in a hurry, thinking that something urgent had happened. However, Lucian was calmly drinking tea in the living room.

He even invited Jonathan to join him. After a brief chat about the supply of medicinal herbs, Lucian started inquiring about Jonathan’s health.

“I’m in good health. Also, we’re in the line of supplying medicinal herbs, so we’re more attentive to our health. What’s on your mind, Lucian?”

Jonathan curiously asked. It was obvious that Lucian’s interest was piqued. “I’m not saying that there’s anything issue with your health, but you’ve been slaving away for the family business.

Don’t you think you should do a proper checkup?” Jonathan nodded in agreement. “In that case, I’ll do one.

“Good. I’ve already made an appointment for you. You’ll be doing the checkup in Roxanne’s hospital, okay?”

Lucian was worried that Jonathan might detect something amiss, but evidently, his worries were for naught. The dense Jonathan nodded again.

“Is tomorrow fine? I’ll head there in the morning.” Lucian bobbed his head, but at the same time, he began wondering how Madilyn was going to deal with the dense man.

“By the way, Lucian, I’ve noticed some issues popping up with our overseas client. There is a rise in client complaints, and some are even trying to ask for lower prices. I’ll be looking into this for more details.”

Jonathan was a workaholic, and he always talked about work. Lucian bobbed his head as the look in his eyes changed. “You don’t need to do that.

It’s Shawn. He’s trying to take our clients away from us. Let’s not alert him to our realization and let him dwell in his glee for now.

We have more than enough clients to keep our business afloat. Since these people aren’t interested in being the best in the market, let’s replace them all.

We’ll wait until they break the contract first.” Jonathan nodded, even more impressed by Lucian.

He was still not as focused and sensitive to changes as Lucian. The latter had already identified the underlying issue when Jonathan just became aware of the problem. Lucian had even formulated a plan to address it.

Maybe this is what a strategist is. The two continued chatting for a while longer. Jonathan still felt guilty about his sister’s betrayal, but Lucian was

When Roxanne came down the stairs after tucking the children in, Jonathan rose to his feet and excused himself from the house.

“How was it? Did he say yes?” she asked. An amused smile manifested on Lucian’s lips. “He’ll be going for the checkup tomorrow.

I just think it’ll be really interesting if the two of them end up being in a relationship.” “Yes, I’d like to see that too. It’ll be much better than mine—it won’t be bittersweet.” Roxanne sighed before shooting Lucian a glare.

Lucian shuddered. He was all ready to start eating popcorn and watch the show unfold, but it seemed like he had accidentally shot himself in the foot

Thus, he quickly dropped the smile and replaced it with a solemn look. Pulling Roxanne closer to him, he then said, “Of course, of course.

You’re right. I didn’t do good by you, so…” “So what?” Just as Roxanne frowned, she saw Lucian going down on one knee. She froze.

Then, Lucian fished out a black velvet box from his pocket and slowly opened it. His gaze on her was as if she was the only one who mattered to him.

Roxanne was stunned, and her heart began to race.

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