Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1824

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1824 – Interesting Encounter Frieda left the Queen residence without a second glance after packing up her belongings.

Their parents thought of persuading Jonathan to forgive his sister, but Jonathan solemnly retorted, “I’m not the one who drove her away today.

She knew she was guilty, and that was why she chose to leave. Also, please stop spoiling her. If not for Lucian’s dismissal, our entire Queen family would have been ruined by her!”

Right as those words left his lips, a wave of frustration washed over him, and he stood up to leave.

The car window was wound down as he drove, and he let the cold wind lash against his face.

Jonathan felt the sudden urge for some alcohol, but there was no one suitable to have a drink with. Lucian would not reject his invitation, but he did not want to interrupt Lucian spending time with his family.

Cayden would be a good choice if not for his recently busy schedule. After a while of contemplation, Jonathan realized he did not have many friends.

He had been too serious in recent years. Every decision he made in recent years was preceded by careful deliberation in order to develop the Queen family enough to catch up with Farwell Group.

Sure enough, the Queen family was now powerful. He did not limit them to only the medicinal herbs business—he also ventured into other fields with Lucian. Lucian never once left him behind as he would always give Jonathan a chance for investment.

Those were things his younger sister did not understand. After stopping the car on a bridge, he got out of it to look at the surface of the river a distance away. As the cold breeze wrapped around him, he slowly calmed down.

Jonathan was good at recomposing himself, after all. Right as he was about to turn around, he noticed a new car crashing into the back of his car.

A loud bang ensued. Then, a woman’s scream of terror came. Jonathan checked the back of his Mercedes-Benz and realized it had not suffered much damage.

However, the woman seemed to have been frightened out of her mind as she continued screaming for a while.

Jonathan quietly watched her from the side and waited until the woman got out of her car and walked over to him with an apologetic look.

He noticed that she had a slender figure, and her face was lightly adorned with makeup. Based on her appearance, he assumed that she worked in an office.

Once she walked over, she studied the collision point. Jonathan’s car seemed to have come out of it mostly unscathed, but hers was not as lucky—the bumper was crushed.

“I’m so, so sorry, mister! I really am! I’ve only started driving recently, and I just bought my car, so I’m not that experienced behind the wheel.

I saw your car parked there, and I wanted to turn, but there were other cars at the side. I was panicking, so I…”

When she lifted her head to take a glimpse of Jonathan’s face, she froze. He’s so handsome! He has attractive features and a defined profile.

Moreover, his slightly gloomy eyes are sure to catch any woman’s attention.

Suddenly, she was glad that she had crashed into someone’s car, for it let her bump into a handsome man.

Promptly, she introduced herself, “Mister, I’m Coralie Crawford. Let’s make a police report and settle this properly. I’ll definitely pay for the damage done.”

Jonathan swiftly waved his hands dismissively. “It’s fine. We don’t need to get the cops involved over a trivial accident like this.

You’re at fault for driving into my car, but I shouldn’t have parked here either. Let’s just bear the costs for the damages to our own cars.”

With that, he studied Coralie to make sure that she was fine. Then, he turned, about to leave.

Coralie’s heart skipped a beat. She did not want to let an interesting encounter like this slip by her.

“Mister, what about this? To avoid any future misunderstandings, let’s exchange numbers. I’m scared that you might go back on your word,” Coralie said, her excuse a reasonable one.

Jonathan knitted his brows. “Miss, I said that I shouldn’t have parked there, but you were the one who crashed into my car.

You’re at fault, too, so there’s no way we’ll have any future misunderstandings. I have something to attend to, so please excuse me now!”

With that said, Jonathan got into his car and sped off. Coralie was still for a few seconds before curling her lips. “A mysterious man!

You won’t be able to get rid of me that easily, though. I’ve memorized your plate number.”

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