Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1823

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1823 – Unable To Escape Lucian offered, “Let’s share a meal, Elektra.

If you hadn’t paid attention to Mr. Valentine, I wouldn’t have known he was in this state. If we didn’t meet him in time, he might’ve been beyond saving.”

However, Elektra declined. Hence, he left the school with Roxanne. On their way back, Roxanne received a call from Madilyn notifying her that Nicholas was in the process of being transferred to the hospital.

“You’re doing a pretty good job as a hospital director,” Roxanne teased. That spurred Madilyn to grumble, “Can you stop hitting me when I’m down?

I thought being a director just meant having meetings with everyone constantly.

It turns out a director has a lot more responsibilities than I thought! My gosh, do you know what time I can only get off work now?

Also, initially, I was looking forward to the mansion you gifted me. However, I’m so busy now that I don’t even know if my water and electricity have been cut off or not.”

In response, Roxanne comforted her friend by mentioning the high salary and the opportunity to meet more outstanding doctors.

To her surprise, Madilyn asked, “What about Jonathan? What has he been doing lately? He seems busy.

Do you think he’s going to wear himself out? Should I arrange a check-up for him at the hospital?”

Roxanne was stunned for a moment before understanding what was happening. Even though Jonathan’s a blockhead, Madilyn’s still enamored with him.
So, she agreed to help out. “

That sounds like a good plan. I’ll ask Lucian to order him to attend a checkup at the hospital to experience your tenderness.”

adilyn sneered, “Sure. I’ll be certain to let him have a taste of my ‘tenderness.’ This time, it’ll be my turn to prepare him a vomit bag!”

Upon hearing that, Roxanne felt a slight chill run down her spine. I wonder what punishment she’ll inflict on Jonathan.

When Lucian saw Roxanne giggling after ending the call, he asked her why she was laughing.

Hence, she told him about Madilyn’s plan, eliciting a loud chuckle from him. “It seems like there’s no escape for Jonathan!”

“Yeah. Although, I think the Queen family may be in havoc right now. Who could’ve thought Frieda would oppose her family?”

Roxanne’s worry was accurate. Concurrently, in the Queen residence, Frieda was packing her things. Her parents tried to convince her to stay and asked Jonathan to do the same.

However, Jonathan scowled. “Don’t mind her, Mom, Dad! She’s out of her mind, considering she can’t even tell she’s being used by Shawn.

Just think about how much loss she caused our family this time. Does she really think Shawn will hand those businesses to her?”

“Yeah, yeah, you’re right! You’re always right! The Queen family just has to rely on you! You’re inhumane, do you know that?

I can’t believe you’re even willing to steal your own sister’s business!” Frieda barked furiously. While I raised the price to make more money, I also did it for the good of the Queen family!

Yet he snatched those companies back from me for Lucian and Roxanne! Thank goodness Shawn didn’t blame me too much.

Otherwise, I don’t know how to face him. In any case, I’m definitely leaving the family since they won’t help me, unlike Shawn.

He will win, and Jonathan will cry when that time comes. Jonathan will never achieve greatness by being Farwell Group’s dog.

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