Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1822

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1822 – Lifetime Initially, Jennifer didn’t have much hope, but when she saw the solemn expression on Roxanne’s face, she quickly served the latter a cup of coffee.

Roxanne accepted the coffee, took a sip, and continued to read the record as she spoke. “The first thing we’ll do is move your father to our hospital. You don’t need to worry about the fee. It’s all free. You just need to tend to his daily needs. The treatment will take around a month.”

Her words astonished Jennifer. Free treatment? She couldn’t help but tremble emotionally because her father’s treatment fee had nearly emptied her
account, even though she still had a family to care for and her child was studying at a university.

“Do you mean it, Ms. Jarvis?” asked Jennifer, fearing that Roxanne was only joking. Nodding, Roxanne turned to her and explained, “He’ll need an operation. I can’t guarantee how much longer he’ll live, but based on my experience, I can raise his five-year survival rate to eighty-five percent!”

Jennifer was stunned before asking with elation, “Do you mean he can live five more years?” “You can say that.” Instantly, Jennifer sobbed. “Truly? Thank you, Ms. Jarvis! You’re my savior! My son knows his grandfather is sick, so he can’t focus on his studies. Finally, I can tell him some good news.”

In response, Roxanne comforted her. Some time later, Lucian and Elektra left the room. After seeing the crying Jennifer and listening to Roxanne’s encouragement, Lucian realized what was happening. “Mr. Valentine is asleep.

We didn’t prepare much, but I heard you have a child studying at university and another in high school. Is that right?” When Elektra learned Roxanne could treat Nicholas, she was happy for his family. Of course, she also felt envious of Roxanne’s capabilities.

Jennifer nodded. “I bet your family’s fortune is nearly spent due to Mr. Valentine’s ailment. In that case, I’ll provide you with one million so your children can finish their education without worry. If that’s not enough, just let me know,” offered Lucian.

Elektra added, “I don’t have much cash on hand right now, only around three to four hundred thousand, but I’ll give them to you.”
They promised to give Jennifer money so she wouldn’t need to worry about anything.

That baffled Jennifer so much that she was at a loss for words for a long while. Out of nowhere, she wailed and attempted to kneel.
However, Roxanne moved fast enough to prevent the middle-aged woman from doing so.

Lucian also stepped forward to prevent that from happening. “Please don’t be like that. Mr. Valentine dedicated his life to the education of the youth, so uch so that he fell ill. It’s our wish to repay his contribution and see him well. We’ll also ask our fellow students to donate to your family.”

“Yeah. Mr. Valentine lived a simple life. He isn’t a greedy man, so there’s no way we’ll let him be trapped by monetary issues,” adjoined Elektra.
Their words successfully eliminated all of Jennifer’s concerns.

“I’ll contact Madilyn to send a vehicle here to pick Mr. Valentine up, Lucian.” Roxanne’s thoughts remained on Nicholas’ condition.
Without delay, she called Madilyn, who swiftly sent an ambulance to her location.

After everything was wrapped up, the group bade Jennifer goodbye. As Jennifer watched them leave, she couldn’t help but tear up again.

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