Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1821

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1821 – Not Afraid Of Death The old middle school building was renovated into an elderly activity center after the school moved elsewhere.

Nearby elderly would often spend time there. Many retired teachers were still living in the dorm building within the school grounds.
As the three of them couldn’t drive their cars inside, they reached the dorm building on foot.

It was a decrepit building. On each of the five floors, there were a series of rooms resembling classrooms. Judging from the clothes hanging in front of the doors, it was evident not many teachers lived there anymore.

Elektra made a call before a middle-aged woman welcomed them inside. She was Jennifer Valentine, the daughter of the old principal, Nicholas Valentine. “Greetings. My father had just woken up, so feel free to talk with him.” There were tear marks on her countenance.

Clearly, she had been crying. Lucian and Roxanne followed Elektra into the room before he asked, “What did the hospital say about Mr.
Valentine’s condition? He should have a medical record, right?” “Thank you for visiting my father, Mr. Farwell. However, my father…

They say he has no hope for recovery.” A sorrowful expression was set on Jennifer’s countenance again. Lucian’s and Elektra’s expressions turned grim when they saw how thin and feeble Nicholas, who was lying on a bed, had become.

Even Roxanne couldn’t help but sigh in her mind when she saw the old man’s condition. What people aremost often afraid of when they’ve grown old is that they’ll be riddled with ailments, drain their family fortune, leaving none for their descendants, and pass away agonizingly in an unsightly manner.

In the past, I bet his eyes were filled with light as he dedicated his life to education. Now, however, his eyes have turned cloudy.
Lucian and Elektra had to announce their presence loudly, fearing Nicholas wouldn’t hear them.

Eventually, Lucian introduced Roxanne to Nicholas. “This is my wife, Mr. Valentine. She’s a doctor, and she’s here today to examine you.” pon hearing that, Nicholas smiled rather emotionally.

In response, Jennifer shed her sorrowful expression away and grabbed her father’s hand excitedly. “Dad, let Dr. Jarvis examine you. Also, Ms. Lane and Mr. Farwell are willing to pay for your treatment. You don’t need to worry about spending money anymore!”

“No! I don’t need it! I’m fine! I’ve accepted my end! I have students all over the world! I’m not afraid of eath! I’m not—” Each intermittent word that left Nicholas’ mouth was uttered firmly.

Meanwhile, Jennifer presented her father’s medical records to Roxanne. There wasn’t enough light in the room, so Roxanne went outside to read it.
Lucian asked Jennifer to follow his wife and explain the situation in detail.

As Nicholas spoke long-windedly, he asked how Lucian and Elektra had been doing. He also kept praising Lucian because the latter made numerous donations to the school in the past. In fact, Farwell Group was the one who financed the construction of the new campus.

As Lucian patiently listened to Nicholas’ words, he felt remorseful. “I’ve not been doing enough over the years. I can’t believe I didn’t visit you once!”
“It’s fine if you’re too busy to visit, considering how big your family is and how many businesses it has.

However, know this. Your family has significantly contributed to our city’s economy, so don’t feel bad.” Silently, Lucian nodded.
Outside, after Roxanne finished listening to Jennifer’s explanation of Nicholas’ condition, she read through his medical records.

His condition does require a massive amount of money to be kept in check. Hmm, I think I can try using the acupuncture technique I’ve been learning in conjunction with my own medicine.

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