Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1812

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1812 – Your Daughter Is Unworthy On the second day, after much thought, Elektra finally called Lucian and informed him of the situation.

However, she did not mention that she wanted to go alone with him. Lucian immediately agreed to her request. “

Okay, we can find a time to visit the principal together. Let me check with Roxanne to see if she’s available; she can do a check-up for the principal.

As you know, her medical skills are great.” Elektra could only stammer her thanks at his response.

“That would be great! Ms. Jarvis is so skilled in medicine; maybe she can treat the principal. Let me know once the date is confirmed.

I’m available anytime.” “All right.” Once Lucian hung up the phone, Elektra’s face immediately wilted. She could not bear to see Lucian and Roxanne show off their affection in front of her.

A wave of annoyance flowed through her as she muttered to herself, “I’m always one step behind. Why don’t you give up, Elektra Lane?

Even Mrs. Farwell’s attitude has changed. You won’t have a chance of winning. Isn’t it better to just wish them well?”

Why am I always so full of myself? If I had been bolder back in school, would I be with Lucian now? After pondering for a long time, Elektra finally calmed down and went downstairs.

Her parents, Richard Lane and Mathilda Suvex, asked her how she was feeling after noticing her listless appearance.

Elektra told them that she had successfully delivered the specialty products to the Farwell family yesterday.

She then picked up her phone and played with it without saying another word. Mathilda smiled and asked, “Today, your uncle introduced us to a young man who returned from abroad.

Do you have time to meet him?” Her voice was gentle as she was afraid of her daughter’s strong reaction.

Elektra’s face froze instantly, her eyes filled with anger. “Mom, can’t you take a break? Three dates a week is too frequent.

To be honest, those boys are all outstanding, but I don’t like them. I’m not worthy of them, okay?” Feeling flustered, Mathilda turned and looked at her husband.

Richard frowned and said sternly, “How can you talk to your mother like that? We’ve already told you not to think about Lucian anymore.

He came to explain the marriage certificate incident to us. You agreed to help him willingly. It’s impossible for you two to be together.

Ms. Jarvis has already given birth to three children for him. What else do you need to give up on him?”

His words were adding fuel to the fire; Elektra felt a jolt of anger thrumming through her veins. She got up, gave her father a cold glance, and walked out of the hall without looking back.

“This brat!” Mathilda quickly tried to placate her infuriated husband. Elektra felt like she could barely breathe; no one in the world understood her.

The guys she met on blind dates were no match for Lucian. When she was rational, she knew it was impossible to be with Lucian.

However, she could not restrain her impulse! Elektra drove her sports car and called her friends to meet at a bar.

Meanwhile, Roxanne walked out of the laboratory and into her office, her face filled with joy. Soon, Peregrine arrived as well.

He was similarly beaming with excitement. “We did it, Ms. Jarvis! You are amazing. After finding this substance, the effectiveness of our medicine has
increased several times.

Now we can use a special declaration channel to get the new drug on the market as soon as possible,” he said elatedly.

Roxanne nodded. “Thank you for leading so many researchers to work day and night. You are the pillar of our research institute!”

Feeling embarrassed, the old man replied, “I don’t deserve the credit. It’s all thanks to your abilities, Ms. Jarvis. Haha, but no matter what, we are doing good for all the patients. Great work!”

“Yes, there are other projects worth completing. Let’s work hard together!” she replied enthusiastically.

The research institute had indeed soared to greater heights ever since Peregrine joined.

Roxanne believed that in the future, she would be able to create more drugs and live up to her mentor’s expectations.

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