Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1811

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1811 – Did Not Know How To Cherish Elektra was a touch puzzled.

Mrs. Farwell has always been very particular about manners and etiquette. Isn’t it impolite to put on a facial mask while receiving guests?

On second thought, she supposed that Sonya not acting prim and proper in front of her was the latter’s way of getting close to her.

Recalling that Elias was still beside her, Elektra immediately laughed and stated, “Mr. Farwell, there are some tasty fruits in the stuff I brought here. Let me go wash them for you!”

Elias immediately waved a dismissive hand. He told Elektra there was no need and that he would do it instead.

As he turned around, he came to a sudden realization. So, this young lady is purposely using this excuse to make me leave.

What does she want to tell Sonya? Hopefully, Sonya won’t make the wrong judgment and make the same mistake as Aubree’s case.

After watching Elias walk into the kitchen, Elektra turned to look at Sonya while wearing a smile on her face.

Elektra’s motive was simple for this visit—to get Sonya to help create an opportunity for Lucian to spend time with her.

ecause of that, she had found a perfect excuse. “Mrs. Farwell, I learned of a piece of news today.

Mr. Valentine, the principal of the middle school Lucian and I went to, has fallen severely ill. It’s probably cancer or something.

He’s a nice man, but a pity he’s poor and doesn’t have much savings, so he’s delaying his treatment right now. Could you help me explain the situation to Lucian?

I was thinking of asking him to go and visit Mr. Valentine with me and donate some money to him for his treatment,” Elektra explained slowly.

She believed Sonya would be smart enough to read between the lines and understand what she was trying to say.

In other words, she wanted to spend time and do something together with Lucian. That way, it would pull them closer and build a stronger relationship.

For that reason, she was not too worried that Sonya would refuse. “Is that so? You should help him out, of course.

Then again, Elektra, I’m occupied with health examinations lately. Lucian is probably busy with work matters too.

Regarding this matter, you can look for him and ask him directly. I believe he’ll be able to make time for it.” Sonya’s answer left Elektra wholly floored.

It was a tactful refusal. Not only did Sonya not express her agreement with Elektra’s idea, but the former also had no intention of helping her to convey those words.

A frown marred Elektra’s countenance, but she concealed it almost instantaneously. “Oh… That’s true… Mrs. Farwell, what’s wrong with your health?”

She smoothly changed the subject to Sonya’s health. Deep down, she was still mulling over Sonya’s response. Her attitude seems to have changed… She’s no longer as eager as she was the other time…

“It’s no big deal; just routine examination. There’s no need to worry about me.” Although Sonya answered with a smile, the facial mask had covered her face, and as a result, Elektra could not see her expression.

The two continued with a short casual chat before Elektra left the Farwell residence, her mind flooded by the thought that she would have to ask Lucian out by herself.

After her departure, Elias returned with a plate of fruits in his hand. “You finally learned your lesson,” he said with a nod.

Sonya did not respond. On the inside, she was thinking about those words Elias had said to her before.

If I hadn’t irrationally supported Aubree back then, would she not have made so many mistakes one after another?

Would she come to her senses in time? Perhaps the Pearson family wouldn’t be reduced to its current state if that were so.

An abrupt thought that she had committed too many sins rose with Sonya. She stared at Elias and questioned, “Elias, do I really have a lot of mental disabilities? I’m thinking of changing my belief. What do you think?”

“It sounds great that you’re turning over a new leaf. It’s pretty good to be religious. As long as you’re sincere, it’s never too late!”

Elias picked up a slice of fruit and put it into Sonya’s mouth. Even though the facial mask was still on her face, Sonya could no longer suppress her emotions, and tears streamed down her face uncontrollably.

From her perspective, Elias had treated her too nicely and was overboard at showering her with adoration.

That eventually caused her character to become increasingly extreme. Sadly, she did not know how to cherish the love and adoration Elias gave her.

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