Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1813

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1813 – Gifting A Mansion Roxanne was feeling particularly relaxed that day.

She had already made plans with her best friend to celebrate that night. Subsequently, she called Lucian to ask him to bring Jonathan along for the celebration.

She then went to the kindergarten to pick up her three children and took them to a restaurant, where they began their celebratory dinner in high spirits.

Madilyn, dressed in her best attire, looked particularly gorgeous that night with her exquisite makeup. “Aunt Madilyn, you look stunning!”

Archie and Benny flattered and heap praise. Estella added, “Aunt Madilyn, you are even more beautiful than Mommy!”

Madilyn was surprised at Estella’s kind words. When she turned to look at Lucian and Roxanne, both did not seem to mind.

“So, these three children who were separated in such a strange way have finally reunited? To be honest, although I have known this fact for a long time, I still haven’t quite digested it,” said Madilyn, feeling emotional seeing Roxanne and Lucian together.

“What do you mean when you say I’m more beautiful than your mommy? Your mom is still the most beautiful, isn’t she?

You are quite the talker, little girl!” Madilyn picked up Estella and fed her a small piece of steak. The little girl was too preoccupied with eating to talk.

Everyone laughed at her cute look as she tried to talk and eat at the same time. Just then, Roxanne noticed her best friend glanced at Jonathan from time to time. She suddenly had a thought.

Why didn’t I realize that my best friend was dressed up so beautifully today for a reason? When did this start?

Lucian was a really gentle dad. He didn’t eat much throughout the meal and only drank a lot of champagne.

Most of the time, he was busy feeding the children. “Congratulations to Ms. Jarvis for her consecutive successful new drug developments.

Each drug is more popular than the other, and the market value of your research institute is getting higher and higher,” Jonathan said, lifting his glass to give Roxanne a toast.

She immediately lifted her glass but found a cold pair of eyes staring at her. Hence, she smiled awkwardly and quickly changed it to a glass of grape juice, which had a color similar to that of red wine.

After drinking, Lucian finally relaxed and praised her. “Because of the cooperation between Farwell Group and your research institute, our company’s stock has also risen a lot. It’s all thanks to you!”

The man also lifted his glass for a toast. Roxanne did not refuse and followed suit. “Come to think of it, I can understand Jack’s behaviors back then.

The potential that Ms. Jarvis possesses is simply immeasurable!” Jonathan followed Lucian’s lead and continued to flatter her.

“That’s right, my best friend is amazing.” Madilyn, who rarely sang praises, echoed Jonathan’s words.

When Jonathan smiled at her, she immediately appeared flustered and looked away. Lucian noticed Madilyn’s odd behavior and gave Roxanne a questioning look.

In response, the woman raised her eyebrows and smiled. Lucian immediately understood and smiled tacitly.

It seems that this pair should be easy to match. After three rounds of drinking and a five-course meal, Roxanne suddenly announced a resolution.

Lucian was baffled by her odd request as they were not in the company or the research institute.

“To express my gratitude to my good friend Madilyn for her unconditional care for the children and me all these years, I have decided to gift her a mansion! How about that?” Roxanne declared.

As soon as she finished speaking, Lucian and Jonathan smiled and applauded. The children also cheered and jumped excitedly.

“Aunt Madilyn, say yes! Mommy wants to give you a mansion!” they urged. Madilyn was stunned for a long time, looking at Roxanne incredulously

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