Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1810

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1810 – Do You Have The Patience “Lucian, Roxanne, I’ll be heading back first.

I’ll come back to accompany the kids another day.” As Lucian was in the study and Roxanne was in the bathroom, Sonya went to the second floor and called out to them.

There was, however, no reply even after a few seconds. A bitter smile spread across Sonya’s face. Yeah, I deserved it.

Surprisingly, Roxanne, who had just finished helping Estella wash her hair, rushed to the courtyard while drying her hands.

“Mrs. Farwell, it’s late; drive slower. You can take Archie and Benny out to play when you come over next time.” Roxanne’s eyes reflected her sincerity, and it was clear those were not words she said out of formalities.

Sonya was momentarily stunned before she nodded and replied with a smile, “Sure. I’ll come over again.”

After sending Sonya off, Roxanne returned to the second floor and took out the bath towels and pajamas for Archie and Benny.

Just then, Lucian walked out from the study and reached out to wipe the sweat away from Roxanne’s forehead. “Darling, you’ve worked hard!”

“I only help Essie get cleaned up. That’s nothing much. Essie won’t let me help her when she grows a little older. I don’t have many chances left!”

“No. I’m talking about Mom. Thank you for being able to treat her so politely.” Lucian’s deep gaze resembled the mesmerizing night sky, drawing Roxanne’s attention toward him.

“Frankly speaking, I still can’t forgive her. It’s just that I ought to set a good example for the kids since she treats them well. But there might still be opportunities. Perhaps she’ll be an amazing grandmother in the future!”

Roxanne had finally said her innermost thoughts aloud. Lucian wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her into his embrace to hug her tightly.

“Daddy, Mommy, you two are secretly hugging again. I want one too! I want a hug too!” Estella’s baby voice suddenly rang out, and she squeezed to fit herself between the two adults.

Meanwhile, Sonya had just arrived back at the Farwell residence. Coincidentally, Elias had also just returned after playing chess with his friends.

Upon learning from the butler that Sonya went to visit the kids, he felt somewhat relieved.

To him, he believed that Sonya was not a mean person by nature. Instead, she was merely bad-tempered, narrow-minded, and stubborn.

He deemed that he had to be blamed for his wife’s shortcomings. It was because he never openly confronted Sonya’s flaws that gave rise to her not mending her ways and eventually spiraling out of control.

“Did you see the kids? Have you apologized to them?” Lifting his gaze, Elias noticed that Sonya seemed to have calmed down.

Sonya nodded in response. “I saw them. Archie and Benny love the toys I bought for them, and that’s all thanks to Cayden.”

Sonya briefly shared with Elias about the situation earlier. Then, she fell silent and remained seated, waiting for Elias to add fuel to the fire or mock her.

Surprisingly, instead of doing that, Elias looked at her with a gentle gaze and a faint smile. “I’ll go and look for Lucian tomorrow and ask him not to chase you to Epea.

But at the same time, you have to correct your mistakes from now on. You have done too many hurtful things to Roxanne.

I’m afraid it won’t be easy for her to forgive you. Do you have the patience?” Sonya remained in a daze and did not respond for a long while.

Moments later, she abruptly broke the silence. “I realized I have a bad temper all these years, but you’ve always been tolerant.

Thank you so much, Elias.” Her gaze was filled with warmth and tenderness as she spoke. Without saying a word, Elias reached out his hand and grabbed hers tightly.

Right then, a car arrived at the courtyard outside. Shortly after the engine was turned off, they heard Elektra’s voice.

“Mr. Farwell, Mrs. Farwell, I’m here. My parents just returned from their hometown. They brought back some specialties and said they wanted to give them to you two.”

Elektra opened the car trunk, picked up many bags, and headed into the house. A doubtful look crossed Elias’ face as he stood up and walked over to welcome her in.

It looks like something’s up, huh? Otherwise, she wouldn’t have to make up an excuse to come over here this late at night.

Worried that Elektra would notice her puffy eyes, Sonya hastily responded with a smile, “It’s not safe to drive at this hour.

You could’ve come over tomorrow. What a coincidence. I was planning to use a facial mask.”

With that said, she turned around and went into her room. When she came out again, the facial mask was already on her face to conceal everything.

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