Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1805

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1805 – Not This Report “Mr. Farwell, I kept an eye on the entire testing process.

We didn’t use the wrong samples. Besides, I came here as soon as the results were out.” Clinton almost broke down under Lucian’s aura.

However, the temptation brought by the ten million allowed him to steel himself and respond without telling the truth.

“They’re not related, aren’t they?” asked Sonya indifferently. Her gaze was still fixed on Roxanne.

Roxanne might not be responding, but that doesn’t mean I have nothing to say. I’ve got to seize the moment to kick up a fuss.

Clinton turned to Sonya and nodded firmly. “Lucian, the results are out. It’s not that I don’t want to acknowledge the kids. In fact, I’d love to be their
grandma if possible. Don’t you agree?” she asked.

Sonya noticed her son was angry. Hence, she thought it was the perfect opportunity for her to add fuel to the fire.

She wanted to make Lucian lash out on Roxanne. However, Lucian glanced at Sonya with a frown. “Mom, do you think this is the real result?”

“How can it be fake? If a paternity test result can’t be trusted, then anyone can claim to have given birth to the Farwell family’s grandchildren.”

Sonya raised her voice as she said that, her words clearly hinting at something. Immediately, Lucian lost his respect for his mother.

“Roxanne, you really know how to lie, huh? Which b*stard do these boys belong to? How dare you make them impersonate the Farwell family’s descendants? I know how much Lucian loves you, but don’t you feel

bad for lying to him?” Sonya continued. That was the result Sonya had been expecting in the first place.

She wanted to use the opportunity to humiliate Roxanne and make Lucian hate the latter. Roxanne was stunned. She was utterly disappointed in her mother-in-law.

At that, she glanced at Lucian. As expected, his eyes were filled with disappointment that was hard to describe.

“Mrs. Farwell, are you that desperate to kick me out of the Farwell family? Will you still do that if Archie and Benny are actually your grandsons?”

Roxanne’s reaction was far from what Sonya expected. Instead of panicking, Roxanne seemed to have a firm resolve.

“What are you saying? What do you mean, kicking you out? You lied to the entire Farwell family. Moreover, the results are out.

The two boys are not my grandsons. That makes your hypothesis invalid.” Suddenly, Sonya felt a rush of anxiety.

That was because Lucian’s and Roxanne’s reactions were strange. Nonetheless, there was no way out of that situation.

Sonya could only continue questioning Roxanne, “Tell me. Did you drug Lucian? Is that why he listens to you?” Roxanne was dumbfounded.

Never did she expect Sonya to have such a great imagination. Suddenly, Lucian rose to his feet and yelled, “Enough!”

His voice terrified both Sonya and Clinton. In fact, the latter’s legs began trembling. “Clinton, one more lie from you, and I’ll send you to jail.

This is an occupational crime!” Lucian turned sideways and glared daggers at Clinton without a change in his expression.

Clinton was paralyzed with fear. Even his tongue got twisted. “Mr. Farwell… I-I was wrong! T-This is not the real report.”

When Sonya heard Clinton admitting the truth, her expression froze, her eyes widened, and her lips twitched in frustration.

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