Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1804

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1804 – Interesting Expression Once Lucian finished his food, he brought Roxanne to the Farwell main residence.

Roxanne visited the house six years ago. Back then, she visited Ethan as the latter’s granddaughter-in-law.

Upon entering the courtyard, they spotted Elias watering the lush greenery. Seeing Lucian had brought Roxanne home this time, Elias greeted her with a broad smile.

“Hello, Mr. Farwell,” greeted Roxanne with a friendly tone. After all, the way Elias treated the boys made her feel at ease.

“Dad, I’m here to wait for the paternity test results.” Lucian reached out to help Elias water the plans, but the latter waved his hand dismissively.

Elias curled his lips into a meaningful smile as he glanced at Lucian. “Your mom has been waiting for the results for a long time.

It looks like the results are in line with her wishes.” Clearly, he was implying something. Even Roxanne noticed it.

Of course, Lucian understood Elias’ warning, and he gave the latter an affirmative gaze. “I’ll take care of it.” With that, they entered the living room.

Sitting upright, Sonya greeted Lucian with a smile but did not bother to spare Roxanne a glance. “Take a seat.

The person in charge of the testing facility will be here soon,” informed Sonya while stealing glances at Roxanne to check the latter’s reaction.

Roxanne was calm. Clearly, she had no expectations for the results. After all, only the mother would know whose child she gave birth to.

t was only natural for her to have such absolute confidence. Nonetheless, Sonya was eager to find out what kind of interesting expression Roxanne would have when she found out the boys were not Lucian’s children.

Sonya made Lucian his favorite coffee and served him a cup. However, she did not give one to Roxanne.

Sonya simply said, “Ms. Jarvis, you’re sitting quite far away. Please serve yourself a cup.” Roxanne nodded, answering, “It’s okay.

I don’t have the habit of drinking coffee.” Immediately, Lucian shot Sonya a look before pouring a cup for Roxanne.

Sonya could not help but pull a face. The silence filled the air with a tense atmosphere. Thankfully, Clinton arrived not long after.

With the report in his hand, he entered the house in a respectful manner. “Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Farwell. Is this… the legendary Dr. Jarvis?”

All of a sudden, Clinton became excited. His original ambition was to become a doctor who saved lives. Sadly, his dream did not come true.

Instead, he got into the bioassay industry. Although Clinton had read much news about Lucian and Roxanne on the internet, he still longed to see her
in person.

Sensing something was off with Clinton, Sonya prompted coldly, “Are the results out? Let Lucian have a look first.”

Clinton instantly snapped back to reality and handed Lucian the report with both hands. The report had many pages.

The pages in front contained the data analysis of all kinds of genes. Regardless, Lucian ignored all of them and skipped to the last page which read:

Unmatched genes. Mutation factors excluded. The results clearly showed Lucian and the boys were not related.

Lucian was momentarily stunned. Suddenly, his gaze darkened as he turned to look at Clinton. “Are you sure you didn’t grab the wrong report?

Are you sure the samples used were right?” Clinton was so frightened that he felt his heart lurch, and his expression changed when he sensed the domineering aura Lucian was exuding.

He quickly drooped his head and stole a glance at Sonya. Unfortunately for Clinton, Lucian noticed every detail he made.

At the same time, Sonya had her eyes fixed on Roxanne. She could not wait to see what kind of reaction the latter would have.

However, the shock, disbelief, and anger Sonya was expecting were not reflected on Roxanne’s face.

It seemed as though Roxanne was not surprised by the results. In fact, she simply gazed at Lucian calmly.

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