Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1806

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1806 – Exile A deathly silence fell on the room.

Lucian’s gaze steadily avoided Sonya, not wanting to see her reaction. I have given her a second chance.

Didn’t she know how long it would take to get the results of a paternity test? Didn’t she know I would figure out what Clinton was up to?

Even Roxanne understood him and didn’t dig her heels in, leaving the paternity test entirely to Sonya. On top of that, Elias sent a text:

Your mother is being obstinate! But I still hope you will give her a chance so she may make it up to you.

The text was sent yesterday, and he didn’t mention the paternity test, but Lucian knew Sonya would never accept the results.

In addition, Elias had interceded for Sonya. Clinton was shaking like a leaf and reached into his pocket, pulling out a report that had been folded up and
handing it to Lucian with his head hung low.

“Mr. Farwell, it’s all my fault for being too obsessed with benefits. Have mercy, Mr. Farwell. I don’t want to go to prison!” Clinton pleaded.

He had already learned his lesson. Regret consumed him, and he realized he shouldn’t have meddled in the affairs of the wealthy.

He wanted to crawl into a hole and die at this moment, but he didn’t expose Sonya for fear of offending more people the more he revealed.

Lucian picked up the paternity test report and tossed it at Sonya without opening it, his gaze finally settling on her.

Sonya was flabbergasted. She wasn’t expecting Clinton to have his guard up to this extent. Being a villain seemed to necessitate a certain level of competence.

She knew at that moment that she could never go back after Lucian exposed her and was afraid this would lead to a falling out with him.

She was overwhelmed and couldn’t meet his eyes. “Mom, I don’t get why you still refuse to accept Roxanne, Archie, and Benny.

ine, I’ll grant your wish. You can travel around Epea with Dad starting today. Better yet, take in the scenic views, and don’t return for three to five years!”

Lucian shot Roxanne an apologetic look, which she returned with a smile, not wanting to blame him.

The color drained from Sonya’s face at the verdict, and she looked like she had been struck by lightning.

“Son, I really have no idea what’s going on with Clinton and why he would switch out the original report with a falsified one.

It’s not that I don’t want to acknowledge Archie and Benny. I’d be overjoyed if they were my biological grandchildren.”

She tried to justify in a pleading tone, but Lucian’s face was a mask of stone, and irritation flared in his eyes.

Sonya’s gaze shot to Roxanne in desperation, only to be met with a glacial expression on Roxanne’s face.

She couldn’t muster sympathy for a grandmother who refused to accept her grandkids and would always attack them.

Such traveling plans spanning three to five years were almost similar to exile. Any resemblance of domestic bliss would be irrelevant to her.

Lucian’s decision must have taken Elias’ pleading for leniency on Sonya’s behalf into account, or else he wouldn’t have established a time limit.

Besides, he had many properties in Epea, and it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to leave them in the hands of Sonya.

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