Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1797

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1797 – Running A High Fever That night at the mansion, Roxanne had just finished giving the children their baths.

Once she was done telling them their bedtime stories, she went down to the first floor. Lucian was still busy working downstairs.

There were some things that even Cayden could not handle, such as a client from Epea who suddenly had lots of questions.

By the looks of it, the client might even want to cancel their collaboration. No matter how much Cayden tried to calm the client down, it was futile.

Hence, Lucian had no choice but to handle the client himself. To make matters worse, the client refused to answer any of his phone calls, so he could only communicate with the client via email.

Roxanne was about to remind Lucian to take a rest when she noticed that his face was flushed. Oh no! He’s having a fever!

Roxanne walked up to him and touched his forehead. True enough, he was running a high temperature. “You have a fever! Stop working.

Let me take a look at you.” He was still typing, so Roxanne stopped him. “Really? No wonder I’m feeling hot.” Lucian did not seem bothered by his high temperature and appeared indifferent.

Roxanne, on the other hand, was worried. “Let me check your temperature right now. Drink some water first. Why aren’t you sweating?”

She took a look at the thermometer and saw that his temperature was thirty-eight point five degrees Celsius. He was running a high fever.

If he had been a child, he would have been in terrible shape. “Enough. Stop working. You must have caught a cold at the oceanarium.

Did you swallow any water when you dived into the pool?” asked Roxanne. When she saw that Lucian had sent the email, she shut the laptop.

Thereafter, she went into doctor mode and began to treat him. Not only did she replenish his fluids, but she also gave him antibiotics because Lucian might have come into contact with bacteria in the pool.

Lucian, on the other hand, seemed very relaxed and kept reassuring her that he was fine.

Roxanne was aware that Lucian was a healthy man who worked out often. Unfortunately, once people like Lucian had a bacterial infection and fell ill, it was a serious matter.

True enough, Lucian’s temperature raised to thirty-nine degrees Celsius in a short while. That scared Roxanne to death. Lucian’s body felt like an oven to her.

He followed her instructions and took the medicine and drank lots of water. At last, he began to lose his focus and feel exhausted.

“Let me take you back to the room. Tonight, I will have to watch your temperature. It’s too high, and we have no fever medicine at home.”

Roxanne picked up the phone and got Cayden to buy some medicine. It was the first time Lucian became a patient and experienced being cared for.

However, due to his high fever, his head felt heavy, and he started to feel dizzy. Soon, Cayden arrived with the medicine.

Roxanne woke Lucian up and said, “Wake up and take this medicine. Are you a little dazed when your eyes come in contact with the lights?”

Lucian woke up, took the fever medicine, and nodded weakly. “Okay. Don’t worry about it. Go on and sleep. I’ll be here. Nothing will happen.

Your temperature will return to normal very soon!” Roxanne spoke very gently before she reached out and held Lucian’s hand, which was still very hot.

All the while, she did not let go of his hand. At the same time, she would check his temperature with her left hand every now and then.

The medicine worked very quickly. After ten minutes, sweat started to appear on Lucian’s forehead and even on his palms.

In fact, he was perspiring all over his body. However, Roxanne dared not let her guard down. Lowering his temperature was only a temporary measure.

His temperature would surely shoot up again during the night. Hence, she was prepared to stay awake throughout the entire night.

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