Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1796

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1796 – Scared Out Of His Wits Shortly after, the boy felt itchy all over his body.

He fell to the ground and began rolling all over. “Dad, Dad! What’s going on? I’m feeling very itchy all over my body. It’s horrible!

It feels like thousands of ants are biting me! Dad, help me!” The child began crying in fear. Yet, Felix dared not say anything. Instead, he got down on his knees and begged once again.

“It’s my fault for being an ignorant fool! Both my son and I know that we have done wrong. We offended someone we shouldn’t have!

Please spare us. I have twenty thousand with me. Please take it—” The leader of the group scoffed and gave Felix a kick. “

Do you think we are beggars? How is twenty thousand enough for so many of us? Stop begging. There’s a pit over there. It’s meant for you and your

At the mention of a pit, Felix felt weak all over. Despite his son rolling in the dust in discomfort, Felix paid him no mind as despair swamped him.

Pit? Do they intend to bury us alive? Now, Felix understood the kind of person Lucian was.

The leader of the group issued the command, and his subordinates dragged Felix and his son to the pit. The pit was about two meters deep.

In fact, the ladder they used earlier on was still there. “Do you want to go down the ladder on your own, or do you want us to push you down?

” asked the leader coldly. At that moment, Felix was so terrified that there was no expression on his face. In the end, both father andson still managed to get into the pit on their own.

Felix thought that they would be buried alive. Just then, the leader scoffed and said, “Just wait here. Tomorrow night, some people will be coming by here to chop wood.

That will be your chance to get out of the pit! Remember the lesson today!” Felix was dumbfounded. So, they don’t intend to kill us!

The joy of surviving was such a relief to Felix that he collapsed to the ground. To say he was scared out of his wits was an understatement.

Next to him, his son was still rolling and crying in agony. “Dad, I feel so uncomfortable! Dad, help me! Why am I feeling so itchy?

No matter how much I scratch myself, it’s still the same!” “The itch on your son should last about three days! Remember to make sure he doesn’t tear his skin from excessive scratching!” sneered the leader before he drove off with his men.

Meanwhile, at the hotel, Lucian received a phone call from Cayden. “Mr. Farwell, it’s done. We have certainly taught them a good lesson!”

Cayden had gotten someone else to do the deed. However, whoever had been tasked would definitely do a good job.

Lucian nodded and said, “All right. Come to the hotel and take the children home.” Suddenly, Cayden asked, “Linda handed me some powder.

Was it your instruction too, Mr. Farwell?” “What powder?” Lucian mumbled in confusion. Roxanne, who was listening to the conversation, chuckled
and admitted to the deed.

“I was the one who told Linda to give it to Cayden!” “Oh, okay then. Just use it,” replied Lucian before he ended the phone call.

With how furious Roxanne is this time around, that powder must have a horrible effect. I bet it’s meant for that fat kid.

Not long after, Lucian received a video. It showed the tragic end of Felix and his son. Roxanne felt so much better after hearing the agonized cries of the boy. Essie nearly died. This punishment is nothing compared to that!

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