Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1798

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1798 – Fall Into The Water That night, Lucian’s high fever turned out just as Roxanne expected.

His temperature dropped, increased, and dropped again. When it was near dawn, his temperature reached thirty-eight point seven degrees Celsius.

Fever reducers could only be consumed every six hours. Seeing the time was not up, Roxanne quickly switched to a physical method.

She wiped Lucian down repeatedly for over an hour. Only then did the temperature reduce. Lucian was half-conscious the entire time.

Although his complexion returned to normal, his lips were still pale, and he looked exhausted.

“Thank you, Darling,” Lucian murmured with a dazed look in his eyes. Immediately after that, he fell back into a deep sleep.

Roxanne realized something was not right. After all, fevers were usually not that serious. She fetched a blood collection tube, quickly collected two tubes of blood, and called Cayden to take care of Lucian.

Cayden was still fighting to open his eyes when he arrived. The moment he heard Lucian was sick, the former no longer felt sleepy.

Meanwhile, Roxanne immediately drove to the laboratory despite feeling exhausted. Half an hour later, Roxanne finally found the possible virus Lucian had contracted.

The previous medicine did not take that into account. Hence, it was not effective. At that, she quickly grabbed the correct medicine from the laboratory and rushed back to the mansion, only to find Lucian awake. Hence, Roxanne asked him how he was feeling.

“Every muscle in my body is aching. There’s like a tugging sensation. This is a fever caused by a virus, isn’t it? Darling, did you stay up all night?

I’ll be fine. You don’t need to work so hard.” After Lucian described his condition, Roxanne quickly fed him the medicine and took his temperature.

When he saw her frazzled face and slightly swollen eyes, he reached out and caressed her face with a smile.

Roxanne held his hand and smiled reassuringly. “I’m fine. I’ll get some rest after observing you for a while.” Just like that, an hour passed.

Cayden had his breakfast at the mansion and left after getting Roxanne’s permission. Lucian looked more relieved, and his temperature was under control. The only problem was that he was still weak.

He fell sick instantly, yet it took him ages to recover. Then again, his immune system had fought a serious battle with the virus.

Naturally, some normal cells were affected. A slow recovery rate was to be expected. Finally, Roxanne gave in to Lucian’s constant urges and went to sleep.

Before sleeping, Roxanne reminded, “Let’s quarantine ourselves from the kids when they wake up in case they get infected.”

Giving her a nod, Lucian washed up and had his breakfast. Not long after Roxanne dozed off, Sonya arrived.

As she stepped into the living room, she spotted a pale-looking Lucian. Hence, she asked worriedly, “Lucian, how are you feeling?

The butler told me you had a fever.” “I’m fine, Mom. It’s just a slight cold. Roxanne’s already treated me. I just need time to recover,” Lucian responded.

Of course, Sonya was still worried about him. She reached out and felt his forehead, which was still quite hot to the touch.

Immediately, her anger surged. “You guys went to the aquarium yesterday, didn’t you? The incident is all over the internet.

Did you catch a cold during the incident?” “I think so. Headaches and high body temperatures are inevitable. Look. I’m fine, aren’t I?

It’s a test of immunity, anyway.” Lucian brushed the matter off. However, Sonya would not let it slide so easily. “How can you say you’re fine?

If Roxanne had taken better care of Essie, Essie wouldn’t have fallen into the water, right? You wouldn’t have gotten a fever from some infection either.”

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