Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1795

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1795 – The Employer Says So Both Lucian and Roxanne had no intention of opening the door.

Outside, Felix kept on calling out for them. He sounded more and more sincere each time, and the fear in him was increasing rapidly.

Felix glared at his son before giving him one hard one on the boy’s head. “Ouch! Dad, why are you hitting me?” The boy cried out in pain.

His father had always been more ruthless than other people. He could not fathom why his father became so meek all of a sudden.

Before the boy could return to his senses, Felix yelled at him again. “Get down on your knees! Right now!Ask Mr. Farwell and Ms. Jarvis for their forgiveness.”

The child hesitated before shaking his head. “Why should I apologize? I didn’t do anything wrong. The girl is fine, isn’t she?”

The boy showed no remorse at all! Felix was livid and gave his son a few slaps, after which the child began to cry loudly.

Lucian frowned when the commotion outside the door became louder. “I can’t believe he’s still trying to gain our pity.

His son shows no sign of remorse at all. I will never forgive him!” When Roxanne heard the boy’s refusal to apologize, she was so angry that her body shook.

In the end, Lucian called the front desk, and a few security guards came to take Felix and his son away.

Felix began shouting outside the hotel at the top of his voice, “Looks like Mr. Farwell and his family don’t intend to accept our apology.

Regardless, we have already done as the punishment the police gave us dictated. It will be even better if he doesn’t want the compensation!”

He thought that would be the end of it. Thereafter, he told his son, “Next time, watch who you bully! Don’t offend the wealthy people.

Be smarter!” “Okay, Dad. So, are we all right now? Just now, I thought you were afraid of Mr. Farwell. By the looks of it, he isn’t that powerful, after all!”

The fat boy grinned, evidently forgetting the beating that he had gotten from his father a while ago. “Hmph! I was only putting on an act.

It doesn’t matter what method you use as long as you can settle the issue! Keep that in mind.” Gone was Felix’s earlier timid look, to be replaced with a wicked smirk.

Just then, a van stopped next to Felix and his son. Before they could do anything, six men dressed in black and wearing masks jumped out from the vehicle and dragged the two of them into the van.

The van sped away, and agonized screams could be heard coming from the vehicle. A while later, the van finally arrived at an isolated area on the outskirts of the city.

The moment the door opened, both Felix and his son were ordered to get out of the vehicle. Their faces were swollen and covered with bruises.

Blood was spewing out of Felix’s nose, and he began to beg, “Please spare us! We will give you whatever you want! Just tell me how much!”

As his son was still a child, the masked men did not hit him too hard. They only gave the boy a few slaps, causing his cheeks to swell badly.

“Boss, this is for you! The employer told us to sprinkle this all over the boy!” said one of the men in black. There was a bag of powder in his hand.

“What’s that?” the leader of the group asked. Then again, he realized there was no need to ask too many questions.

After all, they had been tasked to teach Felix and his son a lesson. The leader of the group then walked up to the boy and poured the powder down his shirt.

After that, he yelled at the boy, “Remove your pants!” The chubby boy was too frightened to utter a word. There was only fear in his eyes as he could sense how terrifying these men really were.

Therefore, he did as he was told. Once again, the leader of the group sprinkled the powder on his exposed body parts.

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