Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1794

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1794 – Refuses To Let It Go “Compensation? Fatty, are you insane?

Do you know that this is Mr. Lucian Farwell, the Chairman of Farwell Group? How do you intend to compensate him?”

“Fatso, you’re in so much trouble today. What an insolent brat you have! You’re definitely asking for trouble!” “Has anyone informed the police yet?

I think there will be no need to do that. Just push his son into the pool and let the dolphins have some fun with him!”

Before Lucian and Roxanne could do anything, the crowd became agitated and was ready to deal with that pair of recalcitrant father and son.

When the fat man heard their scolding, he got so frightened that his face turned pale. Glancing at his son, he exploded with anger when he noticed the ignorant expression on the boy.

The man then gave his son a few hard smacks on his head. “You brat! Are you trying to get me into trouble? Dmn it! Who told you to push the girl into the water?

Fck! Just my luck…” Not only did the man scold his son, but he also hit and kicked the boy. The plump child began to howl in pain.

Unfortunately, no one took pity and felt sorry for the boy. Some people even egged the father on and told him to hit harder.

After all, the child needed to be taught a lesson. Just then, a very guilty-looking keeper walked up to Lucian and Roxanne.

The keeper then apologized, “Sir, Madam, I’m genuinely very sorry. I was the one who invited your children to the performance.

That’s how everyone got into trouble. This is our fault. How can we make it up to you?” Roxanne shook her head. “This isn’t your fault.

It’s all because of this man and his son. Since you have already called the police, we’ll let them handle this matter.”

She then tugged at Lucian and whispered, “If the police handle it, they will probably ask them to apologize to us and offer a little compensation.

That child is underage, after all! But, I just can’t let it go like that!” “That’s right! We can’t just let them off so easily!” uttered Lucian coldly.

Soon, the police showed up. They looked through the surveillance cameras and figured out the happenings.

Both the father and son were taken away by the police. Lucian and Roxanne took the children and prepared to head to the police station as well to help with the investigation.

Just as Roxanne had anticipated, an incident that involved children’s bad behavior would not end up well.

However, Lucian gave Cayden a phone call when they were outside the police station. He then took Roxanne and the children back to the hotel so that they could shower and have a change of clothes.

Lucian and Roxanne waited till the police called them before they went to the station. “Mr. Farwell, Ms. Jarvis, I don’t think you will be happy with the outcome of our investigation.

However, we have tried our best to exact the maximum punishment. Mr. Cross will have to pay you thirty thousand as compensation, and his son will have to apologize to you in person.

At the same time, we will also inform the boy’s school and conduct further investigation.” The police must be worried about the kind of actions that Lucian would take to trigger public opinion on the matter.

As such, they had meted the maximum punishment they could on both the man and his son. Lucian quickly signed on the mediation documents.

“Darling, I won’t let them off so easily,” assured Lucian as he looked at Roxanne. She nodded in agreement, and an idea popped up in her head.

The two of them returned to the hotel and saw that the children were playing. Estella was still talking about the baby dolphin.

It seemed that she had completely forgotten about the incident where she fell into the water.

Thankfully, she was still too young to remember the incident. Therefore, it did not cause her any trauma.

Roxanne immediately gave Linda a call and asked her to bring some antibiotics over. Just then, the doorbell rang, and they could hear the overweight man’s voice outside the door.

He sounded genuinely frightened. “Mr. Farwell, Ms. Jarvis, I’m Felix Cross. I have brought my son here to apologize to you…”

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