Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1786

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1786 – Pulling A Trick On Estella Soon, it was the weekend. The weather was clear, and there were constant breezes.

It was the perfect weather for an outing. Lucian and Roxanne brought the kids to the oceanarium early in the morning, as they had promised.

They didn’t want to break their promise to their kids. Fortunately, they arrived early, so there were fewer people than usual.

However, the place was still crowded. After getting the tickets, Lucian brought two bags with him, which contained many things, including a change of clothes for the kids, hats, sunglasses, and a lot of food and drinks.

He wasn’t worried about the food at the oceanarium being pricy. Instead, he and Roxanne didn’t want the kids to have the food there since hygiene was not guaranteed.

Even though the bags were slightly heavy, Lucian was more than willing to carry them. “Put on some sunscreen, Darling. The sun will hurt your skin.”

As soon as they entered the oceanarium, Lucian started to look after her well-being. Roxanne glanced at him with a smile, noticing his temperament had changed drastically lately.

He was not as cold and aloof as he was before. The kids were excited and were discussing which animal to visit first.

Archie had already made a plan in advance and insisted on going left. “We have to think differently from the crowd to avoid congestion.

So, we should start with the sea lion park and not visit the dolphin park first since it’s the most popular. We should leave the dolphin park for last and watch the dolphin show. This is the best plan.”

Nodding, Benny made a completely different opinion. “Archie, it’s because many people have the same way of thinking as we do, so the route on the left is now more congested than the route on the right.

Look, it’s better to go to the right. At worst, we can turn around and come back to watch the dolphin show.”

“Guys, I want to see the penguins first. Let’s see the penguins first.” Estella was set on visiting the penguins first without caring about the sequence and logic.

In the end, the kids turned to look at Lucian and Roxanne and asked for their opinion. “Let’s vote, and we’ll choose the route with the most votes.

We’ll start with Essie’s suggestion. Raise your hand to vote!” Lucian implemented a fair method.

“All right, we’ll start now. Please show your hand if you want to visit the penguin park first.” As soon as she finished her sentence, Roxanne raised her hand. The next second, Estella raised her hand too.

Not to be outdone, Lucian quickly raised his hand, afraid that his daughter would be mad at him. On the heels of that, Archie raised his hand.

Benny, too, followed suit. That left the whole family chuckling. Excited, Estella hopped twice cheerfully.

“Okay. Let’s head to the penguin park!” Lucian waved his hand and led them forward. Archie and Benny exchanged looks and started whispering between themselves.

“It’s all your fault, Benny. Why did you tell Essie she needed to adopt a penguin before she could make a social media account?

That’s why she wants to see the penguins first.” Archie shot Benny a furious glance. “I was only joking. How would I know she’d take it seriously?”

Benny smiled sheepishly. Roxanne furrowed her brows when she heard them and asked, “Did you two play a trick on Essie again?”

The two immediately shook their heads. “No, of course not, Mommy. It’s just that… your laptop has a virus now because of Essie.”

“It’s because of Archie. He made Essie program a new virus and said they needed a place to test it. Mommy, your laptop was chosen in the end.

I’m reporting him!” Benny announced. Roxanne froze for a moment. Just as she was about to explode, Archie and Benny ran away hurriedly.

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