Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1787

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1787 – Giving Money To The Penguin Along the way, they saw many animals, including penguins, sea lions, polar bears that were busy eating, majestic whale sharks, and some colorful jellyfish.

The family walked around for several hours, and finally, they were exhausted. However, they took many photos.

This was the first time Lucian and Roxanne took a family photo with the kids in six years. In every picture, the aquatic animals served as a witness.

At lunchtime, Lucian took out everything he had brought and started to set them up. All the food he brought was prepared by the chefs in advance and only needed to be reheated.

Hence, Lucian used a self-heating pot to heat the meal. Although they could order food directly from a hotel, it was a far better experience for the family to feel like they were on a picnic.

he kids wolfed down their food. Wanting them to feel full, Roxanne gave them her food. Witnessing the scene, Lucian gave her all his food and merely ate a slice of cake.

Now, they had arrived at their last stop, the dolphin park. As expected, the place was full of people. Lucian frowned, worried the congestion might inflict danger upon the kids.

“If I’d known earlier, I would have rented out the entire oceanarium for the whole day,” Lucian muttered. Roxanne was stunned for a moment.

Being the CEO he was, she believed Lucian would have done that. It would even be simple for him to acquire the oceanarium. However, it would be absurd to do so.

“There’s no need for that. It’s nice to feel the vibe when we come out to have fun. Although it’s slightly crowded, I like the atmosphere. Wait.

I’ll carry Essie, and you take care of Archie and Benny.” Lucian nodded in agreement. Then, he gave the kids water before taking them to the toilet.

The dolphin park was divided into two venues: the bottom floor, where one could see the dolphins swimming underwater through the glass, and the other venue, which was specifically for performances.

The family went to the bottom floor first and took more photos. A family of dolphins approached them, and it happened to be on camera, which was an exceptional coincidence.

Lucian praised the photo while Roxanne looked at it with a relaxed smile, feeling satisfied. Finally, they went to the performance venue.

Archie and Benny fiddled with their phones on the way into the venue and finally registered a social media account for Estella.

“Archie and Benny, do I have to give money to the penguin to put money into my account?” Estella asked naively.

Embarrassed to fool Estella any longer, Archie and Benny told her they would reload her account for her.

As expected, it was crowded inside the performance arena, and the seats were almost all taken up. Lucian scanned through the area and found some seats near the front. Then, he walked toward the seats while holding Archie’s and Benny’s hands.

With Estella in her arms, Roxanne followed closely behind Lucian. Along the way, the attractive couple and their equally beautiful children drew the crowd’s attention and aroused discussion among the surrounding people.

“Look! That’s the family with the superior looks I mentioned. Gosh, that man must be a CEO. Look at the aura he gives off.

That lady is a beauty, and their children are lovely too. Look at how handsome the boys are and how cute the girl is. What a good-looking family!”

“T-That man must be the CEO of Farwell Group, Lucian Farwell. As for the lady next to him, she must be Roxanne Jarvis, the divine physician.

Is their family enjoying a day out? Oh, I really want an autograph from them!” “I know. It must be them.

I heard some gossip that they were divorced, and both had children. What’s happening now? Could it be that those three children all belong to them?

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