Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1785

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1785 – Cerulean Needle Technique Still worried, Roxanne gave Hector her phone number.

“Please take good care of yourself, Old Mr. Damaris. Remember to call me if you encounter any problems. I’ll make sure to be there for you.”

Her words left Hector stunned for a moment before he bobbed his head, impressed. “Ms. Jarvis, you are one of those rare few who have a heart of gold!

My grandson is a terrible man and is indeed not good enough for you.” Hector’s praises put a smile on Roxanne’s face.

Then, she flagged down a taxi for him. Soon, the car arrived. Roxanne opened the door and carefully supported Hector to get into the vehicle.

Something popped into Hector’s head out of the blue, causing him to halt in his tracks. “What’s wrong, Old Mr. Damaris?”

Roxanne was puzzled while Hector turned around and looked at her excitedly. “Ms. Jarvis, the Damaris family has an ancient medical book named ‘Cerulean Needle Technique.’ I think it’s perfect for you. Have you perhaps heard of it?”

Roxanne couldn’t help but be shocked by his words. Cerulean Needle Technique? Does this acupuncture method really exist?

Master had mentioned before that it was a legendary acupuncture method that went extinct.

He also said this acupuncture method is incredibly effective in targeting strange poisons. It is a rare medical treasure that uses acupuncture to
detoxify the poison. It’s such a coincidence that the Damaris family has it!

“Ms. Jarvis, Ms. Jarvis…” Hector called out twice before Roxanne returned to her senses. Then, she nodded in response. “Yes, I’ve heard of it.

Of course, I have. My master said it is an ancient medicine book that is very hard to acquire.” “Your master is right. It is, indeed.

But it’s a waste for this book to be in the Damaris family since it requires the person practicing the acupuncture method to be a female.

Females tend to focus on skills and have more subtle control of their strength. This is something males are unable to do.

That’s the reason I’ve left the book untouched all these years. Ms. Jarvis, if you’re interested, I can give it to you. What do you think?”

Hector sounded calm as if he was only offering her a small gift. Meanwhile, Roxanne was dumbfounded by his words.

“Are you sure?” She did not try to conceal her excitement and longing. It’s an ancient medicine book.

On top of that, it’s the “Cerulean Needle Technique!” “Of course. I’m thankful for your help, Ms. Jarvis. Besides, you’re a talented physician.

I’m sure it’ll be appropriate to give it to you.” A smile finally crept onto Hector’s face when he saw Roxanne’s reaction.

“Okay. I can’t thank you enough, Old Mr. Damaris. I’m serious. Thank you so much!” Hector waved his hand and was ready to leave at the taxi driver’s urging.

One would never have expected that the two were discussing a priceless ancient book on the street. “I’ll call you tomorrow. Let’s set a place then.

I’ll give it to you personally.” After Hector made his promise, Roxanne was overjoyed and nodded in agreement.

Roxanne couldn’t calm down even after watching Hector leave. A smile remained on her face for a long time.

She called Lucian eagerly to share her joy with him. When Lucian heard the news, he was happy for her. “Darling, you really have a way in life.

Furthermore, you don’t treat others nicely in hopes of getting something in return. You do it purely because you want to.

That’s why Lady Luck favors you. Congratulations, Darling!” Roxanne was elated when she heard what Lucian called her.

“Hey, when did I agree you could call me that?”

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