Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1784

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1784 – Between The Medics Hector was taken aback and averted his gaze when he spotted Roxanne.

Noticing his demeanor, Roxanne approached him proactively, took over the IV stand from Allen, and observed that the IV drip was almost finished.

“You are?” Allen was caught off guard by her action. “I’m a friend of the Damaris family. You can leave Old Mr. Damaris to me,” Roxanne replied as she bobbed her head in assurance.

Allen nodded in response as there was nothing he could do for Hector anymore. He loosened his grip and reminded Hector to take good care of himself.

With that, he turned and went back to the law firm. Meanwhile, Hector was engulfed with guilt and couldn’t bear to face Roxanne.

“Ms. Jarvis, Jack has wronged you. It almost took your life, and you have suffered greatly from it. He deserves to be punished.

I’m sorry that there is nothing much I can do to compensate you!” He spoke in a choked voice, the sincerity in his apology clear.

Seeing how dispirited and helpless Hector looked, Roxanne couldn’t help but feel sympathy for him. She stepped forward and supported him.

Then, she shook her head and said, “I won’t forgive Jack for what he did, but this has nothing to do with you, Old Mr. Damaris.

I came today because I know you had a relapse. I’m afraid you’ll have a staggering hospital bill, so I prepared some medicine for you.

I hope you’ll accept this, Old Mr. Damaris.” Surprised by her kindness, Hector was rendered speechless.

He lifted his gaze, stunned, as his hands trembled involuntarily. “I-I can’t accept it. A member of the Damaris family almost killed you, Ms. Jarvis!

We have done terrible things to you. Why would you repay enmity with kindness?” Tears began to fill Hector’s eyes.

“Old Mr. Damaris, you have made many contributions to the medical field of our country and saved many lives.

You have dedicated your life to medicine and never considered gaining anything in return. Therefore, my actions now have nothing to do with the Damaris family. I am only expressing my gratitude to a senior in my field as a physician.

Roxanne expressed herself frankly while carefully supporting Hector as they walked a few steps forward.

When she realized the IV drip was all gone, she quickly removed the needle and dealt with it professionally.

Hector fell into a trance at her words and gazed into the distance. “Old Mr. Damaris, I’m assuming there’s not much money left on you as the police must have frozen your family’s assets.

That’s why I’ve prepared some money after considering you’ll need treatment fees in the future. Please accept it,” Roxanne said.

As she spoke, she took out a bank card from her bag. Then, she added, “The password is simple. It’s Be sure to remember it!”

She then stuffed the bank card into Hector’s hand. However, he immediately waved his hand and shook his head to refuse.

“No, no! I can’t accept your money. It’s enough for you to give me medicine. I can’t bring myself to accept your money!”

Roxanne let out a soft sigh, knowing Hector wouldn’t accept things from her readily. Thus, she said in a persuasive tone, “No matter what, you are my senior, Old Mr. Damaris.

My master used to tell me about the good deeds you did and asked me to help you when in need. I’m not doing charity but following my master’s wishes. Please accept this as a token between us medics.”

Her words touched Hector. Finally, he slowly grabbed the bank card. That made Roxanne smile and feel more relaxed.

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