Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1783

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1783 – The Damaris Family Is No More “I’ll cut to the chase and tell you the truth, Old Mr. Damaris.

Jack’s case doesn’t look good. He’s involved in too many criminal acts, and the police have all the evidence they need to charge him.

The family members of those affected by the medication are still making reports. Thus, even if you compensate all the victims’ families, the prosecutor still won’t let a big case like this close without a fight. I’ll give you a rough analysis.

The worst-case scenario is most likely life imprisonment. Ten to fifteen years is a slightly better outcome. Basically, he’ll already be in his forties when he’s released.”

Putting aside his personal feelings, Allen kept his tone as neutral as possible as he objectively analyzed Jake’s possible charges.

If the person sitting across from him wasn’t Hector, he might’ve thrown in a few jeers and insults. Jack Damaris wasn’t human. He was a monster.

Despite being a doctor himself, he conducted dastardly acts due to his greed for wealth. Even though Hector had mentally prepared himself for the possible outcomes, he was still crushed when he heard the verdicts.

His body swayed, and black dots swarmed his vision. He nearly fainted from the harsh news.

Allen swiftly reached his hand out to stabilize the elderly man. “Are you okay, Old Mr. Damaris? Calm down. Please remain calm.

You’re a patient yourself, so you need to control your emotions. This is why I didn’t want to meet you. I was worried it would cause you much distress.”

After taking a few deep breaths, Hector finally calmed the despair within him. Despite so, he looked as though he had aged a few years after hearing Allen’s analysis. A sickly pallor took over his face.

“Doomed! The Damaris family is a goner this time! Jack’s life is ruined!” His lips trembled vehemently as his face was etched with sadness. “

Why did you have to be so stubborn? Oh, Jack! How could you have destroyed the good name of Damaris?”

The more he spoke, the deeper he slipped into despair. Finally, tears flowed from Hector’s eyes. A look of pity crossed Allen’s face at the elderly man’s desperate cries. He tried to comfort him.

What a horrible grandson! The Damaris family had wealth, power, and fame. I don’t understand what else Jack wants. Was it even necessary?

“Don’t be sad, Old Mr. Damaris. The Damaris family’s foundation is rock solid. You’re a renowned prestigious family in the medical field, so you’ll regain your former glory one day. As long as Jack is alive, there’s still hope if he turns over a new leaf once he’s released.”

Allen had said every encouragement he could think of for fear Hector’s health would further deteriorate from the cruel reality.

“No, the Damaris family doesn’t need to regain our former glory. We don’t need the riches, nor do we need the power.

This incident has dragged centuries of the Damaris family’s good name through the mud. I fear it will never regain its untainted state. From today onward, there won’t be a Damaris family in the medical field.”

Hector sighed defeatedly once he had accepted the Damaris family’s fate. His eyes misted over, filled with desolation.

“Thank you, Mr. Caldwell. I’ll pay the consultation fee once I settle the hospital bill. I’m deeply ashamed!” Hector rose to stand on wobbly legs and nodded at Allen in gratitude.

Allen hurriedly waved his hands. “There’s no need for that, Old Mr. Damaris. You should save it for your medical bill. You’ve saved countless lives in this lifetime. I feel bad seeing you in such a state.

You can look for me if you have any financial difficulties, and I’ll do what I can. Your grandson is a good-for-nothing, but that doesn’t negate your noble accomplishments!”

In the end, Allen couldn’t help but blurt out his personal thoughts. He helped Hector slowly walk out of the law firm.

At that moment, a person Hector didn’t want to run into was waiting by the front door. Roxanne had waited for quite some time.

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