Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1782

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1782 – Good News Only Before long, Lucian came to the kindergarten to pick up the children.

On the ride back, Estella happily told her father about her grandparents’ visit. Lucian instantly turned wary and questioned, “Archie, Benny, did your grandma do anything bad to you guys? Did she scold you?”

Archie and Benny exchanged a glance and shook their heads concurrently. Instead, they mentioned how much their grandfather cherished them and their mutual fondness for him.

“Daddy, Grandma still isn’t willing to acknowledge Archie and Benny,” Estella revealed. Her tone was filled with worry.

Lucian stopped the car and looked over his shoulder at Archie and Benny before beckoning them closer.

The boys thought they were getting a reprimand from their father for not being honest. However, when they inched closer, instead of a chiding, they felt a hand gently patting their heads, reassuring them.

“Don’t worry. I’ll get your grandma to apologize sooner or later, so don’t take anything she said to heart, okay?”

At such a young age, they’ve already learned to disclose only the good news and keep the bad news to themselves. I don’t know whether I should be at ease or worried.

Feeling the warmth of their father’s palm, the boys locked gazes and exchanged smiles. Finally, they lifted their heads and nodded in agreement.

Once they arrived home, Lucian informed Roxanne about his parents meeting the children earlier in the day.

The news worried Roxanne, and she rushed to ask Archie and Benny about the details. Her stomach churned with anxiety at the thought of Sonya insulting her kids.

Luckily, with their father’s encouragement and assurance, they didn’t mind their grandma’s brusque attitude, knowing she only acted that way due to a misunderstanding.

Roxanne wrapped her arms around them, inciting envy in Estella. Archie and Benny immediately stepped back from their mother’s embrace to let their sister have a go.

Roxanne had returned to the kitchen to prepare dinner when Lucian wrapped his arms around her from the back and promised her softly by her ear, “Roxanne, trust me when I say I won’t let the kids feel wronged ever again.”

She nodded, believing that her husband was a man of his word. In ten short days, the ginormous Damaris Group and the prestigious Damaris family with deep roots in the traditional medicine field had tumbled into ruin.

When the tree fell, the monkeys scattered. Those claiming to be distant relatives of the Damaris family had all left. Moreover, they fervently absorbed every last worthy asset the Damaris family had.

Even though the Damaris family reacted quickly, many assets were frozen before they could transfer or sell them.

Jack’s assistant, Kevin, was also involved in many illegal activities. Hence, he was incarcerated as well. Even Hector wasn’t spared. He was summoned by the police numerous times to cooperate with the investigation.

Jack’s final charges were entwined with the fate of many others. A few days later, a kind-hearted nurse helped Hector to walk into a law firm.

He was dragging an IV pole with an IV bag hanging on it. His health had deteriorated a lot during that time. His exhaustion was evident on his pallid face.

After trying to make an appointment with a renowned lawyer, Allen Caldwell, a few times, he finally succeeded.

He wanted to ask about the possible charges Jack would receive. On top of being late, Allen’s expression wasn’t courteous.

After all, the current Damaris family was no longer the old and powerful family it used to be. He used to try every trick in the book to be the legal
advisor of Damaris Group, but Jack didn’t even spare him a glance.

The tables had turned, and it was his turn to be the one looking down his nose upon them. How curiously the world worked.

However, Allen managed to calm his anger and soften the hard look on his face when he saw Hector.

This man had fought many battles in the medical field over the years and treated countless patients. He’s someone who deserves respect and shouldn’t be the one to blame for his grandson’s crimes.

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