Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1781

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1781 – Evidence Gratification filled Elias after a long talk with the boys.

They have many regrets over the years, yet I haven’t done anything about it as their grandpa. Fortunately, Roxanne is a good mother. I can see the boys have good personalities by talking to them. There’s no deviation between the two. They’re also shockingly remarkable and intelligent.

Archie, the elder one, has a surprisingly good memory. The logic behind his behavior is meticulous. He’s a rare talent in leadership since he excels in decision-making. The younger boy, Benny, has an active mind and a deep interest in technical stuff.

He’ll be perfect in the field of research and development. Unquestionably, their characters complement each other’s flaws perfectly like a puzzle piece, as though they were born to do so.

Estella, on the other hand, is cute, energetic, and meticulous. I’m sure she has some talent that hasn’t been discovered yet. The three of them are truly the Farwell family’s blessing. Feeling close to the elderly man before them, Archie and Benny spoke a lot with Elias.

Their mood brightened as their conversation flowed. By the time Sonya was done watching Estella’s dance, it was already close to school letting out. She held Estella’s hand and led her back to Jeffrey’s office.

Seeing her husband chatting amicably with Archie and Benny, Sonya did her best to tamp down her anger. “Did you lose weight recently, Essie? Let me have a look!” Sonya exclaimed before murmuring, “Was it due to your mom’s lack of attention?”

It was clear she planned to put the blame on Roxanne. Estella immediately shook her head and explained, “It’s not like that, Grandma. Mommy was sick. It was a very bad sickness, and she had only just recovered from it. I was worried about her but ate my meals on time.”

Hearing the accusation against his mother, Archie instantly refuted, “Mommy treats Essie very well. The changes in Essie’s face are due to the loss of her baby fat. Thus, she might look as though she lost weight, but, in actuality, her weight is still the same.”

Elias nodded with a smile at Archie’s logical and reasonable explanation. Unwilling to lose to his brother, Benny added, “Mommy and we treat Essie the best. I also make sure Essie gets meat, vegetables, and fruits in her diet. How could Mommy not be attentive when she even taught Essie several idioms?”

Sonya didn’t know how to respond to their rebuttal. No one in this room is on my side. In the end, with a glower, she simply muttered, “It’s almost time. Elias, let’s go.” “All right. You can head outside first and wait for me. I have some advice for the kids.”

Sonya immediately stormed out of the kindergarten. Meanwhile, Elias stayed back and inquired about what presents the kids preferred.
All he could think about was to make up for all the Farwell family owed Archie and Benny.

“Grandpa, we don’t need anything. We just want to see you more often in the future.” “Grandpa, I want to learn how to play chess. I heard from Daddy that you’re good at chess. Please teach us.” Elias agreed to both of their simple requests.

Before he left, he hugged the boys and asked them to take care of themselves. He also gave them his phone number. Jeffrey led the children back to their classrooms. Elias was in a cheerful mood after meeting his grandchildren, so he still had a smile even after leaving the kindergarten.

However, to Sonya, his smile was an eyesore. No, I can’t let Roxanne’s lies continue. I have to force her to show me some evidence!

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