Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1780

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1780 – Acknowledge Two Brothers Sonya’s lips moved to say something, but she was interrupted when Jeffrey brought Archie and Benny over.

The boys were impassive at the appearance of Elias and Sonya. On the other hand, Estella beamed at them.

“Archie, Benny, hurry up and greet Grandpa and Grandma!” Estella naively urged her brothers to acknowledge her grandparents, thinking they would then become a family.

However, the boys merely smiled at Estella’s urging and shot curious looks at Elias, wanting to see his reaction.

With an innocently charming smile, Elias bent down and patted the boys’ heads. “What’s wrong? Why aren’t you calling me Grandpa?

Go on, my precious grandsons.” While the boys were baffled by his kind welcome, Elias wrapped his arms around them and pulled them in for a hug.

Archie and Benny exchanged a glance. A mixture of shock, confusion, and delight crossed their eyes.

Archie shot a knowing glance at Benny, and they called out, “Grandpa!” “Haha! That’s more like it! You boys are truly my precious grandons.

I’m sure I committed a lot of mistakes in the past, and I hope you can forgive me.” Elias completely ignored the scowl on Sonya’s face.

“Grandpa! Grandpa, you’re squeezing us a bit too tightly.” Benny finally got to experience the treatment Estella usually got.

However, the embrace was just too suffocating for his comfort.With a chuckle, Elias released them.

Archie also experienced what it felt like to have stubble stabbing at his face. The fascinating experience courted his genuine laughter.

“Come, let me see who is who. You’re the older brother, Archie, right? Then, you must be the younger one, Benny. Did I get it right?”

After Elias released the boys, he studied their faces intently. Even though their eyes and brows look like Roxanne’s, it’s just because they’re still young and have inherited her dominant features.

I’m sure they’ll look more similar to Lucian once they’re in their teens. After all, they most definitely inherited the Farwell family’s cool and calm temperament.

Archie and Benny nodded simultaneously. Their expression and gestures were shockingly unanimous. It piqued Elias’ interest.

It seems I’ll have to do more research on the synchronization between a pair of twins. Throughout the entire exchange, the boys didn’t spare Sonya a glance.

They could sense Sonya’s intense dislike of them. Her expression was dark as usual, and her eyes were so cold that her aversion was evident.

Although Elias caught her displeasure, he wasn’t in a rush to fix the situation. He didn’t want to force the children to make twisted decisions.

“Archie, Benny, what about Grandma? Come on, call her!” Estella urgently urged. Archie and Benny swung their gazes to Sonya but didn’t speak.

Irritation surged within Sonya at their gazes. In the next instant, she spat biting words through her clenched jaw. “Save it!

I don’t plan on acknowledging both of you. This is all your mother’s scam!” The boys’ expressions hardened as anger coursed through them.

Estella was stunned by the turn of events. A glint of sadness flitted across her eyes. “Grandma, please don’t talk about Mommy like that. Please?”

“Nonsense! My mommy isn’t someone like that! We’re Daddy’s kids,” Benny retorted.

The slightly mature twin, Archie, turned his gaze to his grandfather, curious about his reaction.

Simmering with anger, Elias nearly lost his temper and yelled at his wife, but he held it in. “Listen to what you’re saying.

Can’t you be more discreet in front of the kids?” Sonya wanted to protest but figured she would look foolish to argue with a child, so she kept silent.

She stepped toward Estella and picked her up into her arms. “Let’s head outside. I heard you took dance lessons. Will you show me?”

Estella instinctively struggled against Sonya’s hold but gave up in the end. She could sense her grandmother’s anger had ebbed.

Maybe I can talk Grandma into accepting Archie and Benny.

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