Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1779

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1779 – Visit To The Kindergarten When Elias and Sonya reached the kindergarten, school had not ended yet.

They went to find Jeffrey so that they could see Estella. Jeffrey said politely, “Please wait here for a while. I’ll go to the classroom and bring Essie here right away.”

Soon, Estella came skipping into Jeffrey’s office as she thought she was getting rewarded. Upon seeing her grandparents, she happily charged into Elias’ embrace.

“Hahaha! Essie, did you miss me?” Elias carried Estella into his arms and smiled dotingly. “Of course! I missed you, Grandpa!”

Elias’ stubble pricked Estella, causing her to feel a little pain. “Grandpa, your beard is prickly!”

Elias laughed heartily and ignored Estella’s reluctance, pecking her on her cheek. “I missed you too! It’s been so long since we have seen each other.”

Sonya felt slightly uncomfortable watching their interaction. She scolded, “Don’t you miss me too, Essie?”

Did that woman teach Essie not to be close to me? Suspicion appeared on Sonya’s face, causing Elias to glare at her. He reminded her softly, “What are you talking about?”

“I missed you too, Grandma! I love your pastries! It’s been a long time since I ate them! I really want to eat them!”

After Elias placed Estella on the ground, she went up to Sonya and opened her arms for a hug.

Sonya felt better upon hearing Estella’s words and carried the latter into her arms with a smile. Jeffrey tactfully decided to leave his office so that Estella’s grandparents could spend some time with their granddaughter.

Just as he was about to leave, Elias stopped him and requested, “Mr. Bauer, could you bring Essie’s two brothers here too?”

Jeffrey was stunned as he knew what had happened previously. He also knew Sonya’s prejudice against the two kids.

Sonya was surprised too and glanced at her husband. Frowning, she asked, “What are you doing?” Elias ignored Sonya’s reluctance and nodded at Jeffrey.

“Bring them over here.” “O-Okay! I’ll bring Archie and Benny over here! Please wait a moment!” Nothing will go wrong, right? They are just meeting one another.

“Elias, why do you have to see those two kids? Do you really want to acknowledge them as part of the Farwell family?

Let me tell you. Before anything is confirmed, I’ll never acknowledge them!” Sonya’s tone was cold and left no room for negotiation.

Estella seemed to understand what she was saying and blinked. She asked, “Grandma, do you not like my two brothers?

Let me tell you good news! They are my biological brothers! Mommy and Daddy are their birth parents!”

Sonya froze but tamped down on her emotions to not show them in front of Estella. “Lucian has already acknowledged them, so I will too.

Can you please control yourself in front of Essie? Look. Essie likes them so much. The children’s feelings toward one another are the most important,” Elias lectured Sonya again, but she wasn’t listening to him.

Estella’s eyes were full of curiosity. She didn’t really understand why her grandparents were slightly angry. However, she was obedient and didn’t say anything.

Elias turned to smile at Estella. “Being with the two boys has been really beneficial. Essie is getting more fluent when she speaks.

You can’t even tell that she has any illness.” Elias’ words were meant for Sonya, as he wanted her to look at reality and stop focusing on her prejudices

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