Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1778

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1778 – Do Not Be Controlling As soon as she left, Elias’ expression turned dark.

“What’s wrong with you? Can you stop mentioning our family matters to outsiders?” His tone was stern, causing Sonya’s expression to change drastically.

“What? I didn’t say anything wrong. Besides, Elektra is much closer to me than Roxanne, so she isn’t an outsider.

Moreover, if she’s an outsider, why would she help Lucian to save Roxanne?” Taking in Sonya’s enraged expression, Elias furrowed his brows.

“Why can’t you respect Lucian’s choice? He’s no longer a child, so can you stop being so controlling and obsessive? Let him handle his relationships, marriage, and family matters himself. Can’t you just enjoy your own life?”

Elias’ mentality in life was to go with the flow. After spending decades in the business world, he learned that no one would listen to others’ advice, not
even those closest to them.

Therefore, even though he knew Lucian would make some mistakes when the latter was first taking over Farwell Group, he allowed his son to make his own mistakes.

No one could substitute the experience of learning from one’s own mistakes. However, Sonya couldn’t comprehend this.

She stood up and almost placed her arms on her waist. “Why? I’m doing this for Lucian! I’m pretty sure Roxanne thought Essie wasn’t going to survive and threw her away.

Later, she had two other children with another man and decided to pretend they were part of the Farwell family. Do you know about this?”

Elias was stunned since he was unaware of this. He queried quickly, “What do you mean by that?”

“Lucian said that Archie and Benny are his biological children. He said Archie, Benny, and Essie are triplets! Can you believe that?

” Sonya was confident that her judgment was correct. Elias pondered for a few seconds before responding, “It sounds surprising, but it should be easy to prove if it’s true. If we verify the DNA of the two children, we will find out the truth.

Do you think our son would not know this?” Elias could only hope that Sonya was rational. Otherwise, he was afraid Sonya and Lucian would only grow
more and more distant from each other.

“Yes, but Lucian didn’t give me any evidence and wants me to acknowledge those two kids as my grandsons! How can I accept this?

Do you think Roxanne poisoned Lucian to mess with his mind? I think you have to bring Lucian for a medical checkup someday!”

The more she spoke, the more suspicious she became. Elias sighed and tried to explain gently, “Aubree already caused a lot of harm to Essie.

This time, we have to stay calm. As for verifying the DNA, I’ll discuss this with Lucian later. You should really stop being so obsessive.”

However, Sonya wasn’t listening to him anymore. She felt that everyone was on Roxanne’s side instead of hers. She retorted, “Don’t mention Aubree.

Before Roxanne appeared, Aubree was fine. Who knows what Roxanne did to agitate Aubree to cause the latter to do those irrational things?

Therefore, how could this be Aubree’s fault fully?” Seeing that he wasn’t able to convince her, Elias decided to give up. It was impossible to change Sonya’s prejudice against Roxanne in a short period.

He could only do it slowly. “Okay. Let’s not talk about this. We haven’t seen Essie in a long time. Since school is about to end, let’s go over and see her.”

He deliberately changed the topic, causing Sonya to calm down. She nodded in agreement.

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