Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1777

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1777 – Created Interference “I’ll say it again. Those two boys aren’t part of the Farwell family.

Roxanne is really good at lying. At first, she convinced Lucian to acknowledge them as his godsons, but now they are suddenly Lucian’s biological
sons. She’s really shameless.

How could she even pretend to be someone she’s not?” Sonya lost her temper again upon thinking about this. Elektra appeared shocked.

“That can’t be true. Ms. Jarvis doesn’t seem to be that kind of person. Is there some misunderstanding here?” “There’s no misunderstanding here.

How could you think Roxanne is an innocent woman? You have misjudged her. Roxanne is an extremely cunning and ruthless person,” Sonya emphasized as she frowned.

She was worried that Elektra was too naive and had been deceived by Roxanne’s facade. Initially, Elektra saw Lucian and Roxanne being so affectionate with each other and thought there was no hope for her to get together with Lucian anymore.

However, upon seeing Sonya’s rejection and hatred for Roxanne, she felt a glimmer of hope.

Back then, she had already expressed her feelings for Lucian. However, he had been too busy taking over the family business that he had no time for

Then, she regained hope again after Lucian and Roxanne got a divorce. However, Aubree was much more proactive in pursuing Lucian then, so she had no choice but to give up again.

After meeting men and dating for a while, she realized that no one could compare to Lucian.

She suddenly felt restless after suppressing her feelings for so long. Sonya noticed Elektra was in a daze and assumed that the latter didn’t believe her words, so she quickly added, “I know your feelings toward Lucian.

When Lucian told me he was going to marry you, I could tell that you were delighted.” Elektra smiled bitterly in response because Sonya had hit the bullseye on her thoughts.

That’s right! I was really surprised then as I thought my time had finally come! However, I didn’t expect that we would only be getting a fake marriage certificate. It was ridiculous.

Elektra tried to suppress her emotions, not wanting to reveal them to Sonya. This instinctual response was something she had developed over the years.

“Ah! If only you were my daughter-in-law! How great would that be? Anyway, if you are interested, I will fully support you!”

Sonya was also a cunning woman. Her frankness had led Elektra to expose her true feelings this day. As long as someone ran interference and disturbed Roxanne, she was happy.

“Mrs. Farwell, thank you. However, when it comes to matters of the heart, it cannot be forced. I’m doing well and hope to utilize what I learned overseas. Ms. Jarvis is also an outstanding woman. How could I compete with her?”

Elektra replied as she finally managed to push down her raging emotions. At that moment, Elias had been standing outside the main hall for quite some time.

onya’s voice was loud, so he had been able to hear most of the conversation. He coughed twice before walking into the main hall briskly.

“Elektra, you’re here.” “Mr. Farwell, nice to see you! I came over to pass Mrs. Farwell some supplements. I also bought some gifts for you when I was overseas, but the delivery is really slow, so it’s not here yet!” Everything Elektra said and did was diplomatic.

Elias nodded before praising her, “That’s so thoughtful of you. Why don’t you sit for a while longer? We can have dinner together.”

“It’s okay, Mr. Farwell. I still have some things to attend to, so I’ll take my leave now! You guys should come and visit us when you have the time.

My parents have been saying it has been a long time since you guys have talked to one another!”

Since she had gathered all the information she needed, there was no need for her to linger any longer. She quickly left after exchanging some pleasantries.

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