Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1776

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1776 – Missed Opportunity Elektra placed her bags on the ground and hurried toward Sonya.

Grabbing Sonya’s hands, she asked in concern, “Mrs. Farwell, why do you look so pale? Are you feeling unwell?”

Sonya was so angry her palms were sweaty, though she felt better when Elektra held her hands.

Since Elektra is from a prestigious family, she is definitely more sensible than Roxanne. Sonya immediately put on a smile and calmed herself.

“I’m fine. Why did you bring so many gifts here?” “Are you sure you’re okay? Come and sit down first. Drink some water. Do you feel unwell?

Do you need me to send you to the hospital?” Elektra showered Sonya with concern as she supported the latter to sit down.

Sonya shook her head. “I’m really fine. By the way, you don’t have to bring gifts when you come to see me!”

“It’s like this. I went to visit Ms. Jarvis in the morning. Since she’s just recovered recently, I bought some supplements for her.

Of course, I thought about giving you an even more expensive and effective supplement set!”

Although Elektra seemed like a calm and gentle woman, she was actually a calculating person.

If she mentioned that she bought supplements for Roxanne and only bought some for Sonya while she was at it, Sonya would not be pleased.

However, the way she phrased it would easily ease any ruffled feathers. Sonya immediately understood her intentions and gave a small smile.

However, her expression quickly soured. “What kind of supplements did you bring her? You guys don’t even know each other.

Why did you have to buy them for her? If you didn’t have a fake marriage with Lucian, she wouldn’t have gotten the antidote and might not even be alive now.”

Elektra noticed the change in her expression and kept her emotions in check. “It’s fine. It was only a fake marriage certificate. It wasn’t a big sacrifice.

It’s not like I did anything special, so I can’t take credit for it.” It was evident to Elektra that Sonya and Roxanne didn’t get along.

That’s probably why Aubree went overboard. It might be because Sonya was supporting her actions. However, I won’t be as foolish as Aubree.

“Of course, it’s a big deal! Your reputation is at stake here! Your father almost announced the marriage publicly.

If that had happened, it would have hurt you badly. Why should you be sacrificing yourself to save her?”

As Sonya fumed, Elektra listened to her quietly without interrupting much. She even took the initiative to brew a cup of coffee for Sonya.

Sonya felt better after this and asked Elektra seriously, “Tell me honestly. How do you feel about Lucian?” Elektra was stunned by the question.

However, she quickly put on a surprised expression. “W-Well, Mrs. Farwell. Lucian and Ms. Jarvis have such a great relationship.

Moreover, they already have three children together. How could you bring this up?”

“Three children? Besides Essie, how could those two be considered part of the Farwell family?” Sonya replied coldly.

Her reaction was what Elektra had expected. She suddenly pretended to appear sorrowful. “I do have feelings for Lucian. After all, we grew up together.

However, I knew I had lost my opportunity when I went to Epea to further my studies. Besides, Ms. Pearson was Lucian’s fiancée at that time.”

Sonya shook her head and grabbed Elektra’s hands. She tried to persuade Elektra, “What do you mean by missing your opportunity?

Lucian hasn’t remarried Roxanne yet, so they aren’t officially together. You still have a chance!” “B-But they have three children already!

I probably only have these feelings because Lucian is my childhood friend. I don’t want to ruin his happiness, so I hope you won’t bring this up to me again.” Elektra understood Sonya’s intentions, but she had to put on a show of outright rejecting the latter.

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