Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1775

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1775 – Underestimate “Mom, that’s the truth. Whether you believe it or not, Archie and Benny are my children.

They were born six years ago together with Essie. In a strange twist of events, Roxanne thought Essie had died prematurely.

I suppose the person who was assigned to bring Essie back was Grandpa’s subordinate. He certainly didn’t expect Roxanne to have given birth to three children and taken the two boys away with her.”

The truth could sometimes be so absurd. Nevertheless, Colby’s revelation, Roxanne’s admission, and the instinctual affection between him, Archie,
and Benny led Lucian to believe that was the truth.

However, Sonya would never believe that. She suddenly raised her voice and said sternly, “Lucian, you can’t blindly put your faith in everything
Roxanne tells you.

What’s the matter? Is this a new version of the story she made up? It isn’t enough that she made those two boys your godchildren just a while ago.

Now she’s tricking you into believing they are your biological sons? That woman is truly capable of spinning tales!”

Even the way Sonya looked at Lucian had changed as she spoke. She wondered if Roxanne had bewitched Lucian with some medication.

Roxanne has such impressive medical skills, so it shouldn’t be challenging for her to concoct a drug that could manipulate people’s minds, causing them to lose their sanity.

“No. That’s not it. Mom, I know you find it difficult to believe what I said, but that’s really the truth.”

Lucian didn’t expect he could clarify everything to his mother in one go. Lucian, you need to think this through. Roxanne is such a terrifyingly scheming woman.

Why can’t she be satisfied with just making those boys your godchildren? Is she planning to deceive you into thinking they are your biological kids so they can claim the Farwell family’s right of inheritance?”

Sonya wasn’t fond of Roxanne in the first place. Hence, Lucian’s words only further raised her suspicion, and she assumed the whole thing was Roxanne’s plot all along.

“She must be seeking revenge on our family for abandoning her six years ago. I can’t believe a vengeful woman can be so frightening!”

Muttering to herself absent-mindedly, Sonya was filled with the desperate urge to instill her train of thought into Lucian.

Meanwhile, Lucian’s expression turned darker. Poker-faced, he narrowed his eyes and gritted his teeth. After a few seconds, he unclenched his jaw.

“Mom, just shut up. Do you take your son as a fool? Also, don’t judge Roxanne in front of me from now on. I have a good grasp of her character,” he uttered firmly.

After saying that, Lucian lost his patience and no longer wanted to interact with Sonya further. However, she refused to let that matter rest.

Noticing her son was about to leave, she hurriedly grabbed him. Sorrow and anguish filled her voice as she spoke.

“Lucian, you mustn’t listen to everything Roxanne says!” Disregarding her, he glanced at Sonya impassively, shook off her hand, and strode past her.

The next instant, Sonya lost her temper. “You’re indeed formidable, Roxanne Jarvis! I underestimated you! She’s such a manipulative woman.

No, I cannot allow this. How can someone like her become a part of the Farwell family?” Rage burned within her chest, causing her to feel discomfort all over as she mumbled, “What should I do?

How can I drive Roxanne away as soon as possible? There’s no way those two bastards are descendants of the Farwell family.

No matter how you look at them, they don’t have the befitting temperament. Why would Lucian believe they are his kids?”

Sonya was so furious that she thought she would have a heart attack. She quickly walked toward the table, picked up a glass of water, and took a sip.

Her worried demeanor startled Elektra, who had dropped by unannounced. Carrying numerous bags of all sizes, Elektra entered the house and greeted, “Mrs. Farwell.”

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