Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1774

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1774 – Yours Sonya’s expression stiffened and turned colder. “That’s not what I meant.

I didn’t say Roxanne’s life is unimportant. I’m just curious if you’ve considered the consequences of doing this. Even Elektra’s parents will believe it to be the truth.

What will happen to Elektra’s reputation after you announce it to the public? Shouldn’t that be taken into account?”

Lucian didn’t want to get into a conflict with his mother. He pondered briefly before softening his tone and replying, “I did consider that at the time.

You can ask Elektra about this. I did this only after I obtained her consent.” Sonya arched her brows. “Of course, she would agree.

Elektra has always treated you well since you were little. She accommodated you by letting you have all the toys you wanted. She’s just kind- hearted.”

Lucian was rendered speechless. He had a feeling Sonya was prepared to make a fuss about this matter.

“Am I wrong?” Sonya became more aggressive. “Even if Elektra agreed to this, you shouldn’t take this matter lightly just like that.

Did you at least go to the Lane residence to provide her parents with an explanation?” “You’re right, Mom. I was indeed negligent in handling this matter.

I will make a trip to the Lane residence,” Lucian said gently, acknowledging his oversight.

Sonya heard her son’s conciliatory tone, but she was still fuming, so she continued throwing a tantrum.

“I even spent so much time discussing the wedding ceremony and banquet arrangements with Elektra’s father, Richard Lane. This is just great.

I’m truly embarrassed now!” Lucian felt a pang in his heart. It seems like Mom is genuinely anxious to remove Roxanne from the picture and wants me to get married to another woman promptly.

Still, he had to yield to his elder, so he answered, “Mom, I’ve indeed acted rashly. I’m sorry, all right? Why don’t you pick a time to invite Mr. Lane out?

I’ll express my gratitude and apologize to them in person.” Sonya did not expect Lucian to be so soft-spoken and obliging suddenly.

In the past, they would always confront each other head-on, but he was now resorting to a milder approach.

She was stumped and didn’t know how to vent her dissatisfaction afterward. I can’t believe how tenaciously Roxanne clings to life!

“We’ll do as you suggest, then. But Lucian, are you really not planning to be with Elektra? She’s gentle, kind, and can provide you with significant assistance since she studied abroad.”

Lucian instantly grimaced after listening to Sonya trying to play matchmaker for him again, scaring Sonya out of her wits with the scowl on his face.

“Mom, don’t say that anymore in the future.” That was the limit of his tolerance. n awkward expression spread across Sonya’s countenance.

After a pause, she uttered, “Roxanne should’ve recovered by now, right? I’m not saying that she’s not a suitable partner for you.

She’s undoubtedly capable, and her medical skills are extraordinary. However, she did give birth to those two kids with another man.

That will greatly tarnish the Farwell family’s good name.” Lucian’s pupils constricted as he stared at his mother. “Oh. I almost forgot to tell you this.

The two kids, Archie and Benny, are actually mine and Roxanne’s. They were born together with Essie. The three of them are triplets.”

Sonya fell silent as she froze in shock. She took in Lucian’s serious mien and ascertained he wasn’t kidding with her or telling a lie.

Instead, his gaze was unwavering and shone with earnestness. “What did you say? How could those two children be yours?

No, that’s impossible—” There was no way Sonya would believe that.

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