Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1773

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1773 – Down The Drain Roxanne thoroughly enjoyed herself as Elektra had ordered the restaurant’s signature dishes.

It’s o shame she’s not here to enjoy these delicacies with us. After lunch, Lucian took Roxanne to the mall and bought her clothes and shoes.

Excitedly, he picked out several dresses for her to try on, his eyes sparkling with each new outfit. “This looks great on you!

It feels like this dress was made specifically for you.” “This one too! It accentuates your curves so well.”

“Yes, this is the one. You look like you’re fresh out of college in this dress. So young and pretty. I don’t mean to say that you look old;

it just makes you look even younger!” Roxanne lost track of how many outfits they bought, but in the end, Lucian arranged for the store to deliver
everything to their mansion since it was too much to carry.

The store owner readily agreed, knowing that it wasn’t every day that a customer spent hundreds of thousands in one go.

After Lucian left, the salesgirls informed the store owner that he was the CEO of Farwell Group. The owner was upset that they hadn’t told him earlier, as he would have offered a fifty percent discount for Lucian.

Lucian received a call from Sonya while he was still shopping, instructing him to visit the Farwell main residence when he had the time as she needed to discuss some things with him.

“You can send me back first, then,” Roxanne suggested as she overheard their conversation.

“Okay. I’ll send you back first before going to the Farwell main residence. I’ll also pick the kids up after school on the way back if there’s nothing else for me to do. You rest at home.

Don’t even think about sneaking off to work,” Lucian nagged her all the way back to the mansion while Roxanne merely smiled and nodded as she

She noticed that his temperament had changed quite a bit after everything they’d been through, as he used to be a man of few words.

After dropping Roxanne off, Lucian headed to the Farwell main residence. As soon as Lucian stepped foot into the residence, he noticed that the atmosphere was tense.

Sonya looked visibly angry and immediately confronted him upon his arrival. “Lucian, don’t you think you owe me an explanation?

What is going on between you and Elektra? Since when were you two married?” Lucian remained expressionless as he had expected Sonya to ask about it sooner or later.

“Mom, it was a desperate measure we came up with to deal with Jack. It’s fake. Elektra must have told you about it, right?”

“Yes, she did. How could you be so reckless as to treat marriage as a joke? This is a serious matter!” Sonya was fuming.

She was thrilled when she thought Lucian had finally cut ties with Roxanne and found a daughter-in-law who met her standards.

Despite the Lanes not having the same level of power and influence as the Pearsons used to, they were still considered a prestigious family.

She felt utterly betrayed when she discovered it was all a ruse. What was Elektra thinking? Why would she pretend to be married to my son to save a stranger? Is she foolish?

“Mom, this is not a joke. We did it all to save Roxanne! I’m very grateful to Elektra for helping me, and I plan to show my gratitude by doing business with the Lanes.”

Lucian’s tone turned cold when he heard how lightly Sonya regarded Roxanne’s life.

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