Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1772

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1772 – Uncomfortable Lucian was so focused on Roxanne that he didn’t notice anything unusual.

“You must be thirsty after such a long conversation,” he said to Roxanne, offering her a glass of water, which she accepted with a smile.

Elektra couldn’t help but feel a little left out as Lucian focused all his attention on Roxanne and didn’t even ask if she wanted anything to drink.

She called for the server and said, “Excuse me, I’m not really liking the coffee. Can I please have a glass of lemon water instead?”

The dishes were brought out, including Elektra’s lemon water. She couldn’t help but notice that Lucian was so busy serving Roxanne that he completely ignored her even though she was a guest.

It was an awkward moment for her, and she regretted not declining the meal invite. Why didn’t I soy no? By letting Roxanne treat me to lunch, it put me ot o disadvantage.

Trying to break the silence, Elektra said, “Lucian, Ms. Jarvis, why didn’t you bring the kids along tonight?”

In truth, she knew the kids were at school that day but wanted to start a conversation. “They’re at school. We’re planning to take them out tomorrow since it’s the weekend,” Roxanne replied as she spooned some of Lucian’s favorite dishes onto his plate.

Unable to stand the lovey-dovey actions of the couple before her, Elektra continued the conversation. “I would love to meet your three kids.

I heard they’re quite the good-looking bunch. Is that true?” The topic piqued Lucian’s interest. “Yes, they are. After all, Roxanne and I are their parents.

You can’t go wrong with genetics.” Elektra’s heart sank as she listened, but she knew she had to put on a brave face.

“Wow, I really must see for myself. I wonder what kind of gifts I should bring for them.” “There’s no need for that, Ms. Lane,” Roxanne replied.

“They have everything they need at the moment. You must be very busy since you just returned home. Don’t waste your time and effort preparing gifts.

I’ll bring them out another time and introduce you to them.” From the way Elektra looked at Lucian throughout lunch, Roxanne could tell something was indeed off.

It was as though Elektra was trying hard to hide how much she admired Lucian. Time seemed to drag on for Elektra during the meal, and she announced that she was full after only a few hurried bites.

“Thank you for the meal, Ms. Jarvis. I’m a bit tied up since I just returned to the country. I need to meet a few old friends later, so what do you say we call it a day?”

Elektra wanted to leave as soon as possible. Roxanne nodded her head and agreed, and Elektra prepared to leave the private room.

She thought Lucian would at least see her off, as he was big on etiquette, but much to her dismay, he didn’t even spare her a glance as he spooned food onto Roxanne’s plate.

“I recall that this is your favorite. Try it. It’s more authentic here,” he said to Roxanne, ignoring Elektra’s departure.

Elektra left, feeling utterly uncomfortable at the scene unfolding before her. Meanwhile, Roxanne narrowed her eyes as she watched Elektra’s retreating figure.

Her experience with Aubree and the near-death incident with Jack had changed Roxanne’s state of mind.

Back then, she was engulfed in fear and tried to avoid Lucian whenever he made the first move, as she didn’t know what he and the Farwell’s were planning to do with Archie and Benny.

Because of that, she restrained her desires and tried to convince herself to let go of Lucian. However, only she knew how deep she had fallen for him.

She wasn’t about to let anyone ruin her happiness now that everything was back on track and her kids now had both parents by their side.

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