Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1771

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1771 – Not As Simple As She Looks As per Roxanne’s request, Lucian asked Elektra out for lunch at a high-end restaurant.

When they both arrived, Elektra happened to reach at the same time. Roxanne did not doll up much, merely having applied some skincare products.

Contrarily, Elektra wore exquisite makeup, giving off an elegant and classy feeling.

However, Elektra could tell at a glance that Roxanne was a natural beauty who was stunningly gorgeous even without makeup.

Back when she saw the latter at the hospital, Roxanne appeared haggard. As such, she did not expect such a vast difference after the woman had recovered.

Unbidden, a sliver of envy crept into her since there were some flaws on her face that could only be concealed with makeup.

“Hello, Ms. Lane. We meet again!” Roxanne greeted without waiting for Lucian to speak first, confident and amicable.

“Hello. You’re really beautiful, Ms. Jarvis! No wonder Lucian couldn’t forget you all these years.” Elektra could not help expressing a touch of jealousy.

Lucian was stunned for a moment before he hastily quipped, “Indeed, Roxanne is pretty. But I’m not such a superficial person that I’m only concerned about her looks.”

That remark of his had Roxanne glancing at him with a smirk on her face. Similarly, Elektra hurriedly smoothed things over, seconding, “But of course!

Not only is Ms. Jarvis beautiful, but her capabilities are also astounding. She isn’t merely a renowned doctor. On top of that, she’s a leading character in high-end medical technology.

There are few women like her in this world.” At the woman’s excessive flattery, Roxanne promptly shook her head. “Not at all, Ms. Lane.

My achievements aren’t that impressive. Conversely, you’ve sacrificed a lot because of my illness. Your family will likely misunderstand you since you faked a marriage with Lucian under tremendous pressure.

Thank you so much!” She was sincere in thanking Elektra, but its meaning became distorted when it reached the latter’s ears.

As Elektra had a suspicious nature, she instinctively stole a glance at Roxanne, feeling like Roxanne was testing her.

Hence, she quickly countered, “No, don’t mention it. I’ve already explained things to my family. The marriage certificate was fake and was destroyed long ago. Don’t take it to heart, Ms. Jarvis.”

“Let’s go into the restaurant first. This isn’t a suitable place to talk,” Lucian proposed. Following that, the three of them went into the restaurant.

After entering the private room, Roxanne immediately slid the menu over to Elektra. “Lunch today will be my treat as my way of thanking you, Ms. Lane.

Don’t stand on ceremony with me and just order whatever you like. Lucian and I aren’t picky.”

There was nothing special about those words, yet they grated on Elektra’s ears. It was as though Roxanne was staking her claim on Lucian.

Taking the menu with a smile, she did not decline but ordered a few dishes. After doing so, she saw Lucian and Roxanne sitting exceedingly close in an incredibly intimate manner. For some inexplicable reason, a sense of unease filled her.

Aubree must have lost back then because she underestimated Roxanne. Roxanne is definitely not as simple as she looks.

“By the way, I wonder if the things I sent over previously suited you, Ms. Jarvis. I didn’t know what to buy, so I picked those supplements and brought them over,” Elektra commented.

Smiling, Roxanne thanked her. “Thank you, Ms. Lane. Supplements are perfect for someone who’s recovering from a major illness like me.”

“That’s great! I really admire you, Ms. Jarvis. Back then, you were poisoned severely with a rare substance, yet you could develop the antidote by yourself, and in less than a day, at that. It’s downright mind-boggling.”

Elektra kept praising Roxanne to the skies. Meanwhile, Roxanne deflected it all, for she did not want her mind addled by the compliments.

As Madilyn said, I’ve got to be on my guard against her. With her fawning all over someone repeatedly, the average person would likely lower their guard.

Verily, she did not want any other problems to crop up between her and Lucian when her three children had finally made up for their regrets.

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