Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1770

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1770 – Seek Her Opinion In Everything “Archie, Benny, how do you both know so much?

Did you learn all that from Mommy? I want to learn, too! I want to master all that!” Turning to Lucian, Estella pleaded, “Daddy, have Mommy teach me, won’t you?”

“Okay, okay. I’ll ask your mommy to teach you when she’s free. But don’t you like fashion design?

Mastering fashion design is also something commendable!” Lucian remarked smilingly, trying to steer her in the right direction.

At the end of the day, talent and passion were entirely different from a passing interest. “All right, I’ll study both, then. I want to learn medical skills and fashion design. I’ll work harder!” Estella looked determined, taking the matter seriously.

Immediately, Archie and Benny expressed their support for her. Seeing that, Lucian felt that they doted on her too much.

Upstairs, Roxanne overheard the entirety of their conversation. A smile tugged at her lips uncontrollably.

In all her years, she had never felt as relaxed, peaceful, and joyful as she was at that moment. Her heart, which had been suspended in mid-air, seemed to settle back into her chest firmly.

At the same time, a strong sense of security permeated her. In that instant, she felt all the more blissful.

Since Lucian was sending the triplets to the kindergarten, she had nothing to do and went back to sleep.

By the time she woke up, Cayden had come over at some point and brought Lucian a thick stack of documents requiring his signature as CEO personally.

Ever since her narrow brush with death, a number of unprecedented things had transpired. They included Lucian skipping work for several days in a row and important contracts being brought to the mansion to be signed.

Tactful as ever, Cayden did as he was instructed. After all, he had never seen his employer this relaxed and smiling so much.

As soon as Lucian had signed all the contracts and agreements, Cayden excused himself, leaving the time and space to the man.

Before his assistant left, Lucian inquired, “What’s the progress of the matter I asked you to investigate last night?”

“There are some leads. A man whom Frieda has been in contact with is from the north. Recently, Frieda established a new company and is recklessly tossing out money to buy the rapidly depreciating assets of the Damaris family.

It’s likely that man’s doing. I’ll report back to you after I’ve ascertained his exact identity,” Cayden answered in a lowered voice.

The instant Lucian dipped his head, the man left. When Roxanne came to the living room, she was greeted by the sight of shopping bags on the coffee table. They either contained supplements or nutritional foods.

“It looks like Cayden has also learned all these formalities. But then, he didn’t need to buy so much.” Roxanne regarded Lucian with a chuckle.

Unexpectedly, Lucian shook his head, denying that they were from Cayden. “Who are these from, then?” Roxanne asked.

“Elektra came over and brought these earlier. She wanted to visit you, but you were still sleeping, so I didn’t want to wake you. I merely told her you weren’t home. She didn’t stay for long, leaving after dropping all this here,” Lucian replied calmly.

To him, such superficial niceties did not matter at all. “Oh, I see. Did you thank her on my behalf?”

Although the supplements and nutritious foods were mostly superfluous advertising in the eyes of a doctor like Roxanne, she still acknowledged Elektra’s kind intentions.

“Yeah. She also asked us out for a meal. I didn’t accept right away, so you can have the say. I don’t mind either way.” Lucian greatly treasured the opportunity he finally had after successfully winning her back this time.

Thus, he was determined to seek her opinion in everything, lest some trouble cropped up again. “Well, I’m fine either way.

She has just returned from abroad and done me such a huge favor, so I should be the one treating her to a meal.

You can help me extend an invitation to her in my name,” Roxanne replied.

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