Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1767

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1767 – Consider Marriage “Indeed, the Damaris family left behind a number of top-notch assets. Jack was involved in a myriad of business ventures.

Real estate, investment firms, and aesthetic medicine were his main investment subjects, while the supply chain of medicinal herbs was the core of it all.

He had a total of thirteen to E fourteen medicinal herbs trade companies, encompassing almost all types of medicinal herbs from the north to south. Additionally, he had several certifications for the production of Western medical technology.”

As Jonathan summarized the Damaris family’s assets, he could not help giving voice to the question plaguing him all this time.

“I really don’t understand why he was so eager for success. Considering the scale of his business, coupled with the industries’ future prospects, the entire Damaris family’s assets would certainly increase several folds in a few years.

He could’ve easily attained a scale of hundreds of billions.” Lucian lifted his eyes, the look in them seemingly dark and grim.

“In truth, he was right. He knew very well that all those businesses were merely a game of cash flow and not the veritable core asset.

It’s true that their medicinal herbs supply chain was exceedingly strong, but if they couldn’t keep up in terms of research and development, that industrial chain would’ve been broken by others sooner or later.

For that reason, he had a crystal clear purpose from the very beginning. He approached and tried to win Roxanne over, using both ingenuity and trickery to gain control of the research team and technology she helmed.”

After obtaining that revelation, Jonathan mulled it over for several seconds with a frown. At long last, comprehension showed on his face.

“Lucian, did you ask me here tonight because you want me to go all out to take over the Damaris family’s medicinal herbs supply chain?

” he queried proactively. In response, Lucian dipped his head. “You’ve done me a great favor this time, so the Damaris family’s medicinal herbs supply chain should belong to you.

After all, the Queen family is also in this industry, and the merging will undoubtedly be faster. Naturally, Roxanne also won’t have to worry about a supply
shortage if you’re in charge of the supply chain. It’s a win-win situation!”

“Sure! I shall graciously accept, then. But I’ve got a request this time. My sister deserves some credit for having convinced Old Mr. Lomax to help.

As such, let her be in charge of the Damaris family’s supply chain. Otherwise, the collaboration partners who used to collaborate with us in the past would likely kick up a fuss.”

At the end of the day, Frieda’s words had touched Jonathan to some extent. It’s a fact that Frieda has quite a bit of talent in business, but I’ve always overshadowed her.

Our family and outsiders have never taken her capabilities seriously. This time, her contribution can’t be negated.

It goes without saying that I’ll give her what she deserves. As for that man’s motive, I’ll observe patiently. The instant things seem off, I probably have the capability to curb the problem.

“That’s up to you to decide. Since I’m handing it to the Queen family, you’re free to make the arrangements. I won’t interfere.

Besides, your sister does have some capabilities, but she has never been taken seriously in the past,” Lucian replied bluntly without a hint of hesitation.

Subsequently, he poured Jonathan another cup of coffee and asked, “How’s Old Mr. Queen doing?

If there are any problems, you can have Roxanne go over and take another look at him.” Hearing that, Jonathan grinned. “

He’s great. Perfect, in fact. He goes on fishing trips daily, growing younger by the day. There’s no need to trouble Roxanne!”

“I’m glad to hear that.” Lucian smiled as well, finding it convenient to have a skilled doctor as a wife.

All of a sudden, he quirked a brow, a teasing look in his eyes. “Speaking of which, I’m considered attached now. What about you?

When are you going to consider marriage?” Jonathan never expected the man to bring up that subject out of the blue. Whoa!

He has already won his woman over, so he’s now starting to mock those who are still single and available, huh?

Embarrassment showed on his face, and he chuckled dryly. “There’s no one I fancy yet. If I’ve got someone in mind, I’ll naturally hang on to her tightly.

You don’t need to worry about this, Lucian.”

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