Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1768

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1768 – Not Allowed To Go Today After drinking a few cups of coffee, Jonathan beat a hasty retreat with the excuse that drinking too much coffee would lead to insomnia.

Lucian watched as the man left. Gradually, his smiling expression faded, only to be replaced with a pensive look.

What exactly is the identity of the man Frieda knows? I’ve looked into it for a bit, and considering Old Mr. Lomax’s status, she couldn’t have suddenly made his acquaintance, much less successfully persuade the great King of Medicine to come to Horington and treat a veritable stranger.

Regretfully, it’s inappropriate for me to ask Old Mr. Lomax about this directly. Having made up his mind, he snagged his phone and called Cayden.

“Arrange for someone to investigate everyone Frieda has been in contact with recently, especially anyone with a northern accent.

If you have any leads, check them out thoroughly!” “Got it. I’ll go about it right away,” Cayden answered. Without anyone realizing it, a week flew past.

Lucian took Roxanne to the hospital for several checkups consecutively to ascertain that the toxins within her had been completely dispelled.

Roxanne then started to devote herself to research and development once more. Waking up early one morning, she noticed that Lucian was still slumbering soundly beside her.

As she gazed at him, he appeared all the more handsome. Ultimately, she could not help reaching out and cautiously stroking his face.

It was as though his lips possessed some magical powers as she found her gaze riveted on them. She carefully leaned over and sampled them briefly.

He did not wake up but turned over and continued sleeping. Roxanne silently got out of bed and went to the bathroom outside to wash up, loathed to wake him.

Thereafter, she quickly went downstairs and had breakfast before returning to the room.

Opening his bleary eyes, Lucian asked, “Why did you wake up so early? Sleep in for a bit.” “No, it’s okay. I’ve had enough sleep.

I’ve got to go to the research institute soon. A number of projects will be launched at the same time today, and Old Mr. Lomax is also waiting.

So, you’ll have to send the kids to school!” All smiles, Roxanne did not wait for his response but promptly leaned down and gave him a light peck on
the cheek.

After doing so, she was going to leave in a hurry, only for Lucian to wrap an arm around her waist. “Can’t you take some time off to rest properly?

Don’t think I’m entirely clueless about you having been conducting experiments tirelessly at the research institute these past few days.

You’re not allowed to go anymore today!” Standing up, he hugged her tightly. Then, his voice turned reproving.

“You haven’t spent much time with the kids since you fell gravely ill. You owe Essie for not being by her side the past few years.

Of course, I owe Archie and Benny the same. Therefore, don’t go anywhere today. Let’s spend time together as a family.”

Right then, he was indescribably gentle. Roxanne wanted to argue further, but the man captured her mouth in the next heartbeat.

Suddenly perking up, Lucian began kissing her passionately. Shock pervaded Roxanne. Good Lord! He put me through the wringer last night, and it’s only been a few hours since then!

Her token struggles were entirely futile. Like a tidal wave, the man overwhelmed her rationale in the blink of an eye.

When the calm returned after the stormy passion, she felt as though her body was going to fall apart.

She rested her head on Lucian’s arm, docile beyond words. Meanwhile, gratification was etched across Lucian’s features, and his lips were stretched wide in a grin.

“Now that the Queen family has taken over the medicinal herbs supply chain, coupled with Old Mr. Lomax’s help, there are many experiments that you no longer need to conduct personally.

Let Old Mr. Lomax lead the researchers instead. Otherwise, the research institute will only have you as a resource and not a fullfledged research team.

Do you get it?” At his gentle reminder, Roxanne bobbed her head obediently in assent to that statement. True enough, I should learn to delegate.

While I’m a core member of the research institute, it doesn’t mean that everything has to be done by me alone.

After she had grasped that, she gave Linda a call. “I won’t be coming in today, Linda. Note down the upcoming projects.

Then, have Old Mr. Lomax lead a few of the core technical personnel in starting the experiments…”

By the time she had made all the arrangements, Lucian had already gotten out of bed and washed up. The triplets had also awakened.

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