Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1766

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1766 – Eyeing The Pie Seeing his sister’s reaction, Jonathan had a general idea about the current situation.

What exactly is that man’s motive? His previous suspicion of having sent Aubree abroad made it clear that he was an enemy of the Farwell family.

Yet, he specifically had Old Mr. Lomax help to treat Roxanne this time. His actions are rather peculiar, and I can’t figure him out.

In the face of her brother’s authoritative aura, Frieda suppressed her emotions, her expression indignant.

“Why do you think I did so? Can’t I achieve something for myself? For my whole life, the entire Queen family has nurtured you as the heir.

What about me? No one has ever taken me seriously. Am I just a haughty daughter of a prominent family in other people’s eyes?

Am I not worthy of having my own ambition?” She grew increasingly emotional as she spoke. In the end, she declared, “Listen here, Jonathan.

Starting today, I’m also your competitor. Unlike you, I won’t be going along with the Farwell family in everything!”

That tirade sparked the fury Jonathan had initially leashed. “The Farwell family hasn’t been maltreating us. In fact, they’ve been pretty good to us.

Regarding them as an enemy would be true foolishness. Besides, Lucian would undoubtedly give the Queen family credit for having gotten Old Mr. Lomax to help. Whatever benefit you want, I’ll give it to you at that time.”

Having said that, he left the house right away. Behind him, Frieda’s expression changed, her gaze unfathomable.

At the Farwell residence, Lucian worked on his laptop. He had a lot of work matters piled up after taking time off the past few days.

Although Cayden could handle most of the matters, there were always some deals and contracts he had to review and sign off personally.

When Roxanne saw Lucian focused on work, she did not interrupt him. Instead, she brewed a cup of hot coffee and carried it over, her eyes dancing with delight.

Lifting his eyes, Lucian held her gaze. Unbidden, the corners of his mouth turned up a fraction.

“The poison within you hasn’t been dispelled completely, so you need to rest more. There’s no need to bother about me. You can sleep first,”

he murmured after picking up the coffee and taking a sip. “Okay. Don’t overwork yourself! I’ll go and look in on the kids to see whether they’ve all gone to bed.”

The peaceful life had Roxanne feeling incredibly relaxed. Despite almost losing her life in the bout of poisoning this time, she had also more or less gained some things.

Whirling around, she went upstairs. Archie, Benny, and Estella were worn out from playing and had all fallen asleep. Thus, she planned on taking a nice, hot bath.

Shortly after, a car drove into the yard, and Jonathan rushed into the living room in a frenzy. Could it be that something has happened again for Lucian to call me over at this hour?

“What’s the matter, Lucian?” he asked, cutting straight to the chase. Lucian flipped the lid of his laptop close. “Calm down. It’s nothing major.

Have a seat. I’ve got something to discuss with you.” Only then did Jonathan sit down with peace of mind. Raising his eyes, he watched as Lucian brewed coffee methodically.

Lucian was skilled at brewing coffee, and he slid a three-quarters full cup at Jonathan when he was done. “Have some coffee first,” he offered.

As the aroma of coffee wafted into Jonathan’s nostrils, he found it very much revitalizing.

“I have to say, Lucian, you’ve been at your most irritable in the past few days. Now, you’ve finally reverted to your usual calmness,” he lamented in a heartfelt manner, picking up the cup of coffee. Chuckling, Lucian nodded in agreement.

“That’s true! She’s the most important thing in my life, after all. The main reason I called you over tonight is to ask about your arrangements regarding the Damaris family’s assets.”

No matter how damaged something was, there was still value to it, not to mention a prestigious family with a long history in traditional medicine like the Damaris family.

Jack irrefutably had some talent in doing business. Unfortunately, his heart was not in the right place, and he had strayed from the path.

Following the fall of the Damaris family this time, countless people were eyeing the pie, hoping for a share.

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